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Silent at Our Own Risk 

A really good Candid Observation that follows the same line of logic and reasoning that I have talked about here in some of my other posts. Please do yourselves a favor and give it a look.



Resist Racism

Candid Observations

It amazes and bothers me that we in this country are so reluctant to talk about race and racism.

I spoke this week at an event which I thought would be predominantly white; the sermon was about how we who love God ought to choose God and serve God over racism, sexism, militarism, materialism, homophobia …I didn’t say it, but those things in the list could be, and should be, classified as “sin” since sin is anything that separates us from God.

The audience turned out to be predominantly African-American, and I am more than sure that, while the message resonated with the African-Americans, many of the white people in attendance were probably offended.


I know by now that we all see things through different lenses, lenses tinted by our life experiences, but in this, the 21st century, where racism is as ugly and as…

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There’s No Justice for Trayvon in Violence – News – GOOD

In Justice
In Justice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s No Justice for Trayvon in Violence – News – GOOD.

I don’t know why people continue to need to be taught the lessons from the days of “King”.  Rioting, and violence, accomplish nothing especially not making your point for you.  Acting stupid, even if you have just cause to, will only breed more stupidity

Most serious charge in WikiLeaks case retained


FORT MEADE, Md. — A military judge has refused to dismiss the most serious charge against an Army private accused in the biggest leak of government secrets in U. from Top News

Lacking a Corporate Outcry, CISPA Looks Likely to Pass


The hacking collective Anonymous is back with another pulse-pounding video, this time in an attempt to rally the American public against the “SOPA-like” CISPA bill that passed the House of Representatives and now heads to the Senate.

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The -foot ( m) diameter granite CIA seal in th...
The -foot ( m) diameter granite CIA seal in the lobby of the original headquarters building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Overcharging’ George Zimmerman?

Unfortunately I am inclined to believe this. I have the sinking feeling that they will fail to prove sufficient intent and in some way he will get off the hook. I feel like they really have a slam dunk manslaughter case, and I am all for them pursuing a higher charge, but with the caveat that it does not gamble away the possibility of Zimmerman serving ANY time in jail. Kinda rings a bell, eerily similar to somebody else we all know. I sorta feel like I’m repeating myself. la-la-la- (maybe if I just cover my ears it will all go away). All we can do is continue to watch and hope to ensure that justice is done.

Anderson Cooper 360

Without a grand jury, Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey determined the second-degree murder charge for Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman. Some believe this is another instance of Corey zealously overcharging as she has done in the past .

CNN’s Gary Tuchman looks at another controversial case involving Corey and charges she issued against a 12-year-old boy. Cristian Fernandez is being tried as an adult on a first-degree murder charge for the death of his 2-year-old brother. He’s the youngest person in Florida to be charged as an adult for murder.

When first imprisoned, he was placed in solitary confinement in an adult jail before a judge agreed to move him to a juvenile facility. If convicted, he will be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

When asked about the decision, Corey said, “We want the public to understand at this point we have no choice” She also believes it’s necessary…

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Think about this

Here is an interesting quote from the great author Kurt Vonnegut, which I borrowed from honeyforthehomeless:

“And on the subject of burning books: I want to congratulate librarians, not famous for their physical strength or their powerful political connections or their great wealth, who, all over this country, have staunchly resisted anti-democratic bullies who have tried to remove certain books from their shelves, and have refused to reveal to thought police the names of persons who have checked out those titles. So the America I loved still exists, if not in the White House or the Supreme Court or the Senate or the House of Representatives or the media. The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries.”

Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country 

Although this may seem random to some, or like not a big deal to others, I take the quote as being extremely illustrative.  It clearly serves as proof that it is the average American, you and I, that serve as the front line against the encroachments of those with power, against  personal liberty.  The government would love nothing more than for us to vote or legislate away every aspect of our personal and private lives fall within its realm of control.  This is only reinforced by EVERY SINGLE administration, D AND R since FDR.  The only people allowing our freedoms to whittle away, our lives run into disarray, is ourselves.  The only problem with this scenario, to me personally, is the fact that I believe a lot more Americans are far more aware and capable than they would lead you to believe.  Changing it would necessitate hard work, and effort, or it might conflict with their favorite program’s schedule…..[sigh]  But its a mystery why nobody is looking out for us?