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Saved From Itself: Mississippi Was Almost Set to Continue It’s Sad Racist Legacy Until Saved By The Bell

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English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mississippi to Execute Willie Manning Tonight After Rejecting DNA Tests & FBI’s Admission of Error | Democracy Now!.

Despite the very real possibility they could be completely wrong about this conviction in the first place; having already received a personal admission from the FBI that they had made errors in the handling of this case and urging the state of Mississippi to take that one extra step as a precaution ensuring they aren’t about to execute an innocent man; committing murder in their own right.

When somebody else’s life is at stake, I feel like who is anyone else to deny that person the willingness to go the extra mile, even if it is just to humor them.  Whatever time you feel like you may have wasted in the process at least you’ll have the option of waking up the next morning to pick up where you may have left off, a luxury decidedly not afforded to someone recently executed.

With the advent of DNA, we are beginning to see quite a few instances where cases we once thought were a slam dunk turns out to be bunk; built entirely upon the strength of whatever our own individual prejudices we each secretly harbor; and nothing more.  We’ve become too quick to assume guilt well before innocence; somehow shifting the burden of proof from the prosecutions shoulders and onto our own…

If receiving an admission from the FBI that they made a few errors and it could have affected this man’s case doesn’t serve to qualify as being at least a shadow of a doubt as to his guilt then I don’t know what would.  The worst part about it is the reluctance on the state of Mississippi’s part to even look into the matter.  It’s almost like they’re scared what they would have found out if they decided to do that.

So if any of my readers are in the Gulf region and Mississippi in particular; I urge you to reach out to your governor expressing your doubts or your concerns about the execution going forward tonight as planned before at least giving the FBI the time of day to put their mind at rest that they didn’t really make a mistake and put the wrong man away; sentencing him to death.


At the last minute, the Mississippi Supreme Court issued a stay of execution, for which many people let out an audible sigh of relief.  I just don’t really understand why that wouldn’t have been their first instinct or reaction when they discovered their had been a mistake on the part of the FBI in the handling of his case and that they were no longer confident with their original findings.


In An Unsurprising Turn of Events, Palazzo Now Supports Sandy Relief: No Longer Looks Like Dick-head

After Touring Storm’s Damage, Palazzo Says He Will Support Next Round Of Sandy Relief | TPM LiveWire.

English: Official portrait of Steven Palazzo
English: Official portrait of Steven Palazzo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congressman Steven Palazzo of MS was one of the House Republicans who had voted NO on the Hurricane Sandy relief package that went before Congress around the same time as the fiscal cliff  deal.  In light of the heated criticism he received from around the nation about his vote, It is little surprise that he has now taken it upon himself to tour the storm ravaged districts to “see firsthand the devastation caused….and to meet with my colleagues about securing immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from the storm”.  Apparently now, it seems, they deserve the federal aid

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...
Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near its peak Category 5 intensity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was surprising that Palazzo would have given a no vote in the first place, especially considering he serves as a Rep. in the Gulf Coast, site of the worst national disasters in any of our recent memories, Hurricane Katrina.  When it was his state and his constituents in need, he relied on the decency of other members in Congress to do the right thing.  When it came time for him to lessen the hardships being faced by those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, he would not.  Regardless of the fact that he applied for federal aid to help recover from Katrina after the aftermath of Katrina, he voted to deny aid to those still reeling from Hurricane Sandy; their calls for help went unanswered by Congress.

Hurricane Sandy 2012
Hurricane Sandy 2012 (Photo credit: charliekwalker)

Following his visit to the hardest hit areas of NY and NJ, Palazzo has come 180, telling his colleagues in those areas they had his unwavering support in ensuring the next round of disaster aid to be considered in Congress passes.The amount proposed by the next round is nearly 5 times larger than the first (which he voted against), so it will be interesting to see what kind of opposition if any it will run up against within Congress, and whether he actually keeps his word, advocating its passage.  Hopefully those who voted against the bill have been sufficiently shamed by the public, and in the media that they will vote with conscience, providing these natural disaster victims with some immediate relief.


Modern Day Lynching:Trayvon Martin is Emmitt Till of our Generation

It Must Be Something In That Swamp Water:

I was checking my daily news feeds when I chanced upon this which is the most personally sickening thing (to me) to come out of the “great” state of Florida.  This is saying something, because this is the very same ass-backwards state where twelve idiots voted to acquit a woman (who I wont give the satisfaction or publicity of naming), despite pretty compelling evidence of wrongdoing to the tune of criminal negligence at the least.

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...
Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange County Jail and is being held without bail on charges of child neglect, filing false official information and obstructing an investigation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Alright alright, I know that I’m a little late to the game but this is a truly tragic tale.  It’s the story about the murder of an unarmed adolescent at the hands of an adult with a firearm. 17-year-old Trayvan Martin (African-American) shot in the chest and killed on the night of February 26th, at the hands of George Zimmerman 28, as he was returning to a friends from the local 7-11.  Trayvan had gone to buy snacks, much as you would expect any “teenager” to do.  Understandably, this is a story which has swept and split the nation, about that age ol’ issue we can’t seem to outrun, or ignore, no matter how hard we try to…..RACE….  This case evokes such loud national outcry, near unanimous indignation, the likes of which we havent seen since the brutal murder and later  public funeral of young Emmett Till.  The Chicago youth murdered down in the Mississippi Delta while he was visiting family back in 1955.


15EmmettTillAfter (Photo credit: Image Editor)

Eerily Similar To Emmet Till

The Till case served as an epochal moment, beginning the “Movement” for many people.  Pure, unabashed Southern racism and brutality on display for the whole world to see.  Due to the good ole’ boys atmosphere filled with white indifference that “horse and pony show” trial, which resulted was all that a negro could hope to receive in the Jim Crow south ofde jure segregation.

 This case, over a half century later, has captured notice of the nation   and illicits such an unanimously strong response, not for the multitude of    theories or sense that the plots thickening,…a classic case of “whodunnit”….No, it’s far worse than that.  It has captured all of our attention for the glaring lack of  such.  There is only one story, no alternate narrative, just one solitary explanation, the facts, plain and simple.

No second shooter on the grassy knoll here, just George Zimmerman. A murderer by any reasoned understanding of the term, yet he was never even placed under arrest by the Sanford police department.  They cited his claim that he acted in “self defense” as reasoning for the lack of such an arrest.  According to Florida state law he acted within his rights as far as the Sanford Police Department‘s concerned.  He’s licensed to carry a firearm, and he was only protecting himself…..(from the skittle toting boogeyman)….right?   Now I don’t know about any of you but I’ve had enough personal encounters with police and watched enough late night Law & Order to know the cops never take the first story someone gives them as complete unwavering truth.  Toss in the fact that this resulted in the loss of another human beings life and he should have at least spent the night in jail while they went over the evidence and his account of the events and made sure that “self defense” rang true.  Perhaps then, it would have dawned on them that his whole account is either total bullshit, or he’s mentally unstable.  I mean, completely insane, and I’m talkin bat-shit crazy here people.  The “self defense” defense kinda goes out the window when you are the one chasing the other person as they are running away from you.  You’re the one packin heat, trying to play hero and save your neighbors from the “black menace”, or whatever it is he convinced himself of.  Next thing you know he’ll say the twinkies made him do it….  I only say black menace because the majority of the 40 something calls he placed to the police involved…[drumroll]….[ding.ding.ding] you guessed it! African Americans.

Trayvan Deserves Justice:

Initially I began to look into this somewhat skeptically.  Assuming there stood good chance that it was being exaggerated and blown out of proportion.  I was fully prepared to have to separate fact from fiction in determining my own judgement.  All it took was one listen to the 911 tapes which were released.  Nearly instantly, I felt the need to vomit.  Its a taste that still clings between my cheeks unwilling to vacate until justice is served.  Very clearly you can hear the young boy yelling, no screaming out for help in sheer terror in the background as someone called police. And then you hear the gunshot that ended his suddenly truncated life, cut all too short by a man who dispatchers told to leave it to authorities. Perhaps it is the fact that most Americans when confronted with the facts of this case (which are the same in any article you read about it) have a similar response gastric response to mine which has led the government to assure the public that it will make sure that due process is observed and justice served…..  Assurances which hold absolutely no meaning on the 20th of March for a murder on the 26th of February.

Apparently Sanford Police didn’t get that administration or law enforcement memo, or the one from the rest of the world for that matter.  You know, the one that said “these times they are a chaaaangin” to quote Dylan, or that we now live in the 21st century where blatant racism is no longer accepted or allowed.  This case was closed in their eyes, had been for some time and would have stayed that way had the pesky media not gotten ahold of it.  A fact which draws yet another eerie parallel to the death of young Mr. Till, way back when, in 1955.  Were it not for the media coverage it received and the movement it helped to galvanize, it was just one of countless, instances  of southern white justice being served in the eyes of white Mississippi‘ans. Nothin out of the ordinary.


I would just like to make clear that my post draws upon many of the articles recounting this horrible tragedy and is not taken specifically from one or the other.  It is merely my reaction to this terrible event, based upon the resources I had at my disposal.  I have tried to fairly give credit/track-baks where I was able.