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Police Rethink Long Tradition on Using Force – The New York Times

A small but vocal number of law enforcement officials are calling for a rethinking of axioms that have emphasized how to use force, not how to avoid it.

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Better late than never I say, but then again I’ve always been of the mind that if you need to use force to exercise your “authority” within a community, you probably have no business being there doing what you’re doing in the first place.  

Only someone with the trust and the respect of a community will ever have any true authority to enforce justice, with an emphasis on its justness and a lot of that stems from the fact that they have a stake in it in some way and are somehow already a part of that community. 

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George Zimmerman: Neighbourhood says it was in fear before Trayvon Martin shooting


A neighborhood watch sign attached to a door.
A neighborhood watch sign attached to a door. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite this (if it is even entirely accurate something to which I have doubts with all the blame the victim stuff going on), I still feel that Zimmerman needs to serve time for the death of the unarmed Treyvan Martin. He was not LEGALLY appointed to any legitimate/recognized neighborhood watch affiliation. He did not undergo special training to infer whether someone was guilty of anything other than looking suspicious, didn’t take any special training period, other than that required to receive his concealed firearm permit…. He escalated the situation which led to the death of an unarmed person and he should have to serve time. Just as someone who is negligent with their driving would be held accountable through vehicular manslaughter if it resulted in the death of someone (accidental or not). Zimmerman should at the very least be held accountable for manslaughter due to the tragic result of his decision to disregard law enforcement, and take the law into his own hands.