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Happy Belated Birthday Dr King & Happy MLK Day Everyone Else

Better Late Than Never: A Birth Worth Celebrating.

Pensive Dr King
The Birthday Boy: The late great Dr King Speaking of Late, Here I am waiting t ill his Holiday only to its kinda crazy that really happened

Hey, better late than never right?

On the 15th of January of 1929 MLK jr was born into this world.  He would grow up to become one of the most influential people ever born.  His lifetime left a fingerprint on the very fabric of society makeup and composition of this nation in a major and compelling way.  The fingerprint of his lifetime will be felt and seen, and may even pop up in the extremely rare instance that it’s needed. world, into this world ., easily one of the most influential figures in my own personal growth and development journey and that of so many others was born.

Who knows where this nation would be, were he still here if he were with us still today; would the protests and the #BlackLivesMatter or #BlackBrunch  #EricGarner and #Ferguson campaigns would still be going on?.


Tragedy Strikes @ The Lorraine Motel Memphis, TN-April 4, 1968

A Great Leader Is Taken From Us Far Too Soon.

Dr. King’s life, his wisdom, and his leadership were stripped from us that fateful day, April 1968, robbing us of what surely would have been a calming voice of reason, drowning out the angry din of the turbulent times that lie behind us, and those that lay ahead.  His moral judgement serving as a nautical star, always guiding us towards that promised land, the one he dreamed of; where all men are created equal and judged only by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

It Is His Day After All

In honor of his birthday,  his name day and his me-mo-ray(that’s memory for the illiterates amongst you), I shared some of his stuff below, beginning with speech about that dream his name came to become synonymous with.

Obviously Dr. King can’t take all the credit for the entire civil rights movement, much as the media among other people would like to just give it to him.  There were people and organizations fighting for the rights of African-Americans long before Dr. King ever got sent to Montgomery, or got the spotlight from the boycotts, but his pre-eminent role as the representative and face of the larger movement as a whole can’t be denied either,

He was merely upholding a tradition kept alive by all those who have fought for equality from the inside like A Philip Randolph who threatened to march on washington if African-Americans weren’t included to begin with.  No more of this playing  game and shit with your crappy ass little weaves or whatever the fuck you put in there. within their tribe or their own mind that we really don’t need to have any one there for it, because it’s just been one like

These Times, They Are A Changin:

From the time the Montgomery Bus Boycott began in 1955 until the his death in 1968 and even beyond; Dr King and the rest of the movement took the battle to the power structure and not vice versa, continuously applying pressure. in well thought out places   In attacking racism and discrimination where it existed and was most vehement; the lunch counters, the bus stops, and the polling place, of the deep south, they not only placed the entire practice of Jim Crow on display,  they put it on trial in the court of public opinion, a battle Jim Crow eventually lost.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr Delivering Speech
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr delivering one of his last speeches prior to his being assassinated at the hands of some backwoods simpleton who couldn’t plan his way out of a paper bag.


The Civil Rights Movement’s creative use of non violent direct action to frame and challenge the Jim Crow laws of the South met  with violence and repression at the hands of small town police,  members of the KKK, or just your garden variety, small-minded, red neck prick; most of which viewed by Americans across the nation were able to witness ignorance first hand at least once in their life.   Meeting non-violence with extreme violence backfired, leading to increased support for the demonstrators and eventually leading to Jim Crow’s demise with the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

A Job Well Done?  More Like It’s Just Begun, Time For Phase Two:

Let us not forget this little tidbit either,  just before his murder, Dr King had been in the process of expanding his consciousness and understanding and taking riskier opinions than he had previously or at least in public.s .  Rather than basking in the major accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement, especially for African-Americans of  the South, he sought to do even more before he died, and  his last efforts weren’t limited  to the black community either welcoming all people regardless of religion and regardless of creed.  He also came out against the Vietnam War publicly in one of his speeches, something the old Dr King would never have done for fear of rocking the boat.  The Poor Peoples Campaign was open to all people regardless of race or anything like that, but it is probably my favorite speech of his .

Status Report: Where We Stand At Now


The Poor People’s campaign The plan was for a large multicultural group of poverty activists to march on the washington memorial plaza whatever and camp out there as a reminder of poverty that Congress wouldn’t be able to ignore it anymore.  Sadly, Dr. King would not see this one through to completion James Earl Ray’s 30.-.06 cut his life short, and for no apparent  reason other than who he is.  At the time of the shooting, Dr. King and his entourage were in the middle of doing something with a document, it looked interesting

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/3816635″>Martin Luther King, Jr: “Mountaintop” speech full length</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user907438″>Filip Goc</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I think it’s pretty safe to assume everyone else feels the same as me when it comes to whether we feel as though we have to really put in very much effort .get up for anyone  about our sloppy levels of play lately not being acceptable anymore.  Everything has been all out-of-place I’m confident in saying I still don’t recognize the idyllic locale of his dream; guess we’re all still waiting on those two tickets to paradise as it sits now and you better believe this guy desperately is in need of a tan.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Luckily, I’m not the only one whose life the great Dr. King has touched.  We can rest assured that his memory will live on, the light he used to combat darkness will continue to illuminate the way for each of us committed to making this world a better place, a righteous one filled with love.

Only question is, who will join me?


Sources Consulted:

Wikipedia: Poor People Campaign


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U.S. formally ends the war in Afghanistan – CBS News

U.S. formally ends the war in Afghanistan – CBS News.

If We Stand Up They Lose

Don’t let the fact this video is from a Coca-Cola commercial fool you; looks can be deceiving, that’s just its day job.

Watch the video and take the advice to heart.

Our rights will continue to be curtailed and our interests will go on being ignored only for so long as we allow it. It’s amazing how empowering something so simple as standing up can be, but don’t take my word for it; try it and find out.

Yup; She’s a Boss

Elizabeth Warren must have that “me against the world”, mentality as she basically goes it alone in standing up for the little guy; you know, the ones that gave her their trust and put her there in the first place.

Our Own Worst Enemy: The Spread of Terrorism

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that
True Story, It is pointless to fight terror with terror, the only way to bring peace is with peace.

Sink Or Swim

This is a point in our history that we will look back on as coming to define our course of action for the foreseeable future. Where we go from here will determine whether we right ourselves or expedite the sinking process; either way, our ship is failing, it’s up to us and our immediate actions to determine the outcome

We now face a moral dilemma of the highest order, a crisis of conscience as we struggle to recognize something already well-known to the rest of the world.  It is us and not Al Qaeda, the Taliban or Iran that is the largest terrorist organization in the world; the United States government and what it represents.

We also struggle to in our treatment of those being illegally detained at Guantanamo Bay, which is apparently still open and ready for business, of the shadiest variety; Obama’s punch drunk campaign promises to close this blight upon our nation, renouncing everything it had stood for under Cheney and Bush continues to this day; undeterred and uninhibited.

Walks  Like A Terrorist:

This is the very same place where our best and brightest went to fight against terrorism and the threat of it spreading; water-boarding and torturing those they suspected as terrorists in search of answers; becoming that which they sought in the process yet never suspecting themselves.

There’s no such thing as necessary evil when in the service of good, that’s just what those that let evil into their hearts tells themselves;  having become wolves in sheep’s clothing, the devil’s in the detail.

As of now, the majority of the 166 prisoners left at Guantanamo are known not to be guilty of being anything…other than shit outta luck; sorry, our apologies, better luck next life, but thanks for playing.

Having this knowledge in front of them, that they’ve been pursuing the wrong angles, torturing the wrong people and that innocent men remain incarcerated, the CIA operates with all the blazing fast speed of your common slimy garden creäture, giving a whole new meaning to snail mail…..

Despite his emphatic claims made while punch drunk adoration and the roar of the crowd, Obama opened his mouth and let whatever wanted to come out, to come out.  Having shown his true colors after re-election, I already feel like asking for a refund on a purchase not yet 6 months old.  Despite his beset efforts to keep the stickiness that is the situation we now face at Guantanamo, Obama will soon come to realize he will be forced to face it one way or another;

Like the prisoners, escaping this troublesome situation is not an option.

Still subjected to the inhumane and degrading treatment at the hands of their captors as they had in the beginning, despite it being general knowledge they almost certainly have no ties to any terrorists, many of the prisoners have gone on hunger strike until they gain basic human rights and are once again treated with dignity;

A Government Acting Without Reason

Unfortunately judging by the lack of government response or change in the guards actions, most sources familiar with the situation are in agreement that dignity will come to them on the other side; eminent deaths related to the strike are now highly likely.

Rather than meeting their basic demands, medical people will have them forcibly restrained as a feeding tube gets shoved down their throat and they are left tied to their bed, only to have the process repeated the next morning.  This brutal treatment only increases the amount participating in the strikes, now totaling 92, over one half, ensuring the medical staff to be overworked n attempting to prevent the deaths from happening.

This situation bears a good deal of resemblance to one faced by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with 9 IRA members being held in captivity that went on hunger strike until they were recognized as being political prisoners and not being held on the pretense of criminal charges; it never happened, Margaret Thatcher watched those 9 men and women starve to death and didn’t bat an eye about it…..even gaining a begrudging respect for them in the process for having done it. .

Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya Punk?

Unfortunately for him, Obama can ill afford to go this route. Unlike Thatcher who at least had some semblance of a reason for holding the IRA members on at least trumped-up criminal charges, Obama can no longer even produce those to prove our continuing to hold them.

Also, when combined with the empty pledge to have already closed the base by now, and in light of the recent reports that the Boston bombing was in fact motivated by retaliation for our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq which we’ve devastated and terrorized through a campaign of indiscriminate bombing; leaving with little other than death and destruction to show for our efforts in the region aside from massive body counts and guilty consciences.

Unless he makes a stand and does the right thing for these people who have been held captive without any opportunity to legally clear themselves, subjected to various forms of torture and god knows what else; unless he does right by them, he is invited yet another Boston or worse by saying our nation is filled with Hubris and believes itself above the law, international or otherwise;

Boston Skyline

The more Obama uses tries to hide from it or deny it, the more he says we resemble nothing like a nation that stands for something; like his nobel peace prize he did not earn; we are for nothing.

In a stunning twist of irony, these prisoners stand to do the United States more damage by virtue of being incarcerated than they could ever have potentially done on the outside before or after having been made a part of this terrorist summer camp.

Unlike the bomb or their bomb plots which were a fictive, byproducts of our over-active collective imaginations,  these prisoners now can do us more harm by giving up their lives peacefully while incarcerated;

dying on the hunger strike, damning us far more in the eyes of the world, even our own people wouldn’t be able to look at government the same after something like that. Revealed once and for all time, the it’s hypocritical existence filled with contradictions.

The whole world is watching President Obama, and our actions or inactions on this matter can have even the most dire effects on our own citizens, inviting domestic terrorism where there had previously been none as the events in Boston has shown us.

No longer do these United States enjoy an unlimited free pass for our actions; our policies and our actions elsewhere have consequences, some of which we may not like new concepts made aware to the American conscience no longer possessing the automatic ability to stay so blissfully ignorant to the atrocities undertaken by our very own government and their potential effects on  them, and on us.

Flag At Guantanamo HOw Cute
US Flag at Guantanamo. Oh look how cute!

No more empty promises
No more blank checks
No more government sponsored terrorism in the name of any cause
No more blindly endorsing the empty rhetoric of our president or the atrocities actually behind them,  undertaken by our own government, in all our own names.

From this point on, nobodies innocent at this stage in the game there’s blood on all our hands.

Below I’ve listed some good articles about what’s going on with the hunger strikes Give them a look and Let me Know What the word is!!!

NY Times Op-Ed by Hunger Strike Participant At Guantanamo

Glenn Greenwald’s Take

What A Waste of Money


How’s About We All Get On Telling Obama We Don’t Like CISPA Anymore This Time Than We Did Last Time

How’s About We All Get On Telling Obama We Don’t Like CISPA Anymore This Time Than We Did Last Time

English: The Seal of the United States Federal...
English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really think we made this as clear as we could possibly make it for them, since obviously they are grasping at coming to terms with the fact that we just aren’t that interested and for some strange reason they just don’t understand why we don’t think CISPA sounds like a very bright idea.  I would rather put my testicles in a blender set to high for 20 minutes only to have every single one of my ex girlfriends there to volunteer to act as my nurses; at  the same time.  If that doesn’t say count me the fuck out, I don’t know what does…

I’m not sure how everyone else is taking the whole needing to go over this with the Government and their Justice Department cronies, but personally I’m beginning to feel suffocated by their neediness on this subject.  Anything past occasionally having to repeat myself and the boundaries of our relationship and I get the sudden urge to run for the hills as fast as I can.  Talk about a stage 5 clinger…

How much clearer must we make it that our digital lives are a no-fly zone (not that those have worked well for Pakistan so far…), it might have been cute or endearing the first time they asked and we said no, but honestly, now its just getting fucking annoying.  Its about time they got up out our virtual kool-aid and started going to therapy or anger management classes or something like that.

I feel like the FBI is turning out to be one of those ex’s you knew was gonna be clingy and would in all likelihood blow up in your face at some point only to say fuck it, holding on  for dear life and enjoying as much of the ride as you can.  Now it feels like we’re faced  with being at that point where they’ve way overstayed their welcome in your personal space and aren’t taking no for a reason like this is let’s make a deal or some shit.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Despite their adamant claims of not being interested in you at all, you come to find out they’ve been campin out on your Facebook, your Twitter, and your Google+ accounts and who knows what else….skipping straight over the whole socially awkward cyberstalker Mark Zuckerberg thing and going straight for full on pervert creepo about to be unwittingly caught in a sting on To Catch a Predator.

To Catch a Predator title card
To Catch a Predator title card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heres a novel approach, if the FBI, or any other government organization would like to know something about what exactly it is that is going on in our digital lives; they should try asking.  Obviously they aren’t past that whole stage where you have your friends find out when someone is interested in you or not  because the mere thought of talking to them scares you shitless. This is usually done via cutesy notes that folded like an origami ostrich and adorned with the all important checkboxes that need to be filled out and returned in order to decipher its meaning; all because you hadn’t hit puberty yet, or finally made it to high-school or whatever the case may be, I really just don’t give a fuck.

Now you’re faced with the unpleasant prospect of changing your phone number and moving or obtaining a new identity cause they just had to make shit awkward and turn out to be that crazy one everyone everyone has heard horror stories about from one friend or another, only now its your problem… great, just fuckin great…. smh…what else could go wrong…

Wax figure of Daniel Craig at Madame Tussauds,...
Wax figure of Daniel Craig at Madame Tussauds, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just for future reference ya G men of the world out there snoopin around, I’m pretty sure that Daniel Craig playing the fictional character of James Bond already has the whole cloaks and daggers thing on lock; whatever it is you’re playing at, its giving off a strong creeper vibe, like of the charts strong.  I would recommend getting a life of your own to pick apart and some form of court appointed therapy to remedy that, at least until the voices stop….

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Govt Report: We Wasted A Ton of Money in Iraq: Vindication Anyone?

Govt Report: We Wasted A Ton of Money in Iraq

Green party anti-war poster
Green party anti-war poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 After all this fiscal responsible BS I hear coming from the GOP, I would love to hear them explain how they could just continue to write blank checks for the Iraq, and I’m assuming the Afghanistan War as well, never bothering to look at what they were  paying for until just now?  Fucking absolutely positively the most god-damned ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life.

They want to put every social program; that helps people living here, domestically, in the United States, the ones who pay those taxes they wasted; under a microscope subject to intense scrutiny while blindly spending in Iraq and Afghanistan is ridiculous.  They really wanna know why were bankrupt financially and morally as a nation?

Heres your answer right here in all its splendor and its glory.

Mental retardation.

And what did it accomplish? Nothing…. not a damn thing except killing a bunch of innocent people and chalking it up to being acceptable collateral damage.

So many people said it for so long and they didn’t wanna listen.  This Government is totally incompetent.  Go ahead and do us all a favor, stay sequestered,


I Think Its HIgh Time We Tell Congress To WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

John Boehner




Reducing Budget of Congress for Duration of Crisis 

It looks like those budget cuts are shaping up to be not quite across the board like  they presented them to us, surely must have just been an honest mistake. we thought they were , Im sure it was nothing more than an honest mistake.  At some point we’ll get a courtesy “Ooops! Well I’ll be ….. it looks like those cuts didn’t make it across now did they?”  …..That’s ok, I’m sure they’ll make it up to us the next time they wanna hijack the country……

Im under the impression that congress is under the impression that “Do Nothing Congress” is to be interpreted literally, or they have mistaken it for being the job description.  Dammit!!!! I ran because  I wanted to do nothing!

Hahaha, it’s a good mental picture, and we have to at least try to keep laughing, otherwise we would feel even worse.


Official photographic portrait of US President...
Here’s Barry, say hello,  He’s had a rough week on the job.  He likes long walks on the beach and karaoke to unwind.

Ok, so our current  SNAFU involves a crises that was not only  entirely avoidable, but never should have existed in the first place! I don’t know, I’ll leave that one for now, maybe i  come back to it.  Obama wins and begins passing legislation that Boehner and Congress didn’t really agree with, so they’ve spent the rest of the time trying to kill that instead of fixing the budget….Does that sound about right?

In order to get Republicans not to commit what would have been economic suicide last go around, talking them off of the ledger and back to work.  Obama and Boehner come together and agreed on a number that needed to be cut from the budget by x date everyone agrees, shakes on it, the works, awesome it’s a miracle; especially for these two.

At this point we’re all shitting unicorns and pissing rainbows, for those of you layman out there, that means were really flipping peachy and ecstatic at this point.  When all of a sudden, the bottom dropped out  when the bottom dropped out  in being able to expect a painless solution going forward.  Despite the date begin marked on everyones calendar for importance, no one could seem to remember what day was.

Instead of getting together the night before a big game making sure that everything is fresh  everybody knows what needs to be done and they’re all well rested; I think The Executive Branch, and the Legislative have been out getting “shwasty” faced, and  debating  politics.

Not only were we, they, and anyone else involved who may or may not have a mouse in  who may have a mouse in their pocket…… we all knew what was at stake and we watched our elected representatives just stand there in awe,  watching the inevitable happen people in NYC on 9/11.

A train wreck so gruesome you can’t bear to watch but you can’t bring yourself to take your eyes off it.

Has Congress decided to go all jihadi terror cell on us? Are they waiting on us to get their general out of prison or something Like in Die Hard?  Or maybe us in the West Coast can finally get that secession from them.  The one they were talking about on and often as soon as they saw it would be Barack the “Muslim” Obamaaaaaaammmmmmaaaa assuming control once more?

What are their demands?  Aside from cutting funding for programs supporting the elderly or the weak ?  Do they have any? Or is that as far as they’ve gotten.

When people look back on our era, what will they say we’ve been able to carry out?   What will our legacy be ? Our major legislative victories What are our major legislative victories, and how have we cared for those victories won through the hard work of others?



Despite conservative members of  Congress railing long and hard about the woes caused unto society by having a nanny state, with all these entitlement needing “welfare queens” or theives; people gaming the system for help from the government when they don’t really need it.  I mean the nerve to be getting paid and not to have to do anything for it……

hmmmmm…. that sounds kinda familiar…

Both houses of Congress are equally to blame for this mess, as is  the President, both current and past.  They all allowed this to happen,.  Party leadership especially.  Shame on leadership for allowing fringe elements to gain and wield undue influence, just as Washington had once  issued a warning to urging against political parties for that very reason.

I just don’t  get how having them doing all these theatrics is helping our workers, debt ceilings, showdowns and nonsense a debt ceiling showdown, or this nonsense now, in any way promotes a pro-business climate or helps our economy recover?  Isn’t This business about our loans defaulting, the budget slashed and the potential for the economy to crash down on their heads yet again, doesn’t really create a pro business climate now does it?

Eric Cantor headshot
Eric Cantor, who along with Paul Ryan was a leading impetus for pushing the sequestration on the the government.

Still, egomaniacs like Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan  seemed rather pleased with themselves.  Apparently the results must have gone as they intended.  It just makes me wonder how much you can  trust someone who’s repeatedly been untrustworthy.

When there was a deal on the table Boehner wanted to take it, putting all this distracting talk behind us.  But, Cantor and Ryan talked him out of it , convincing him that no retreat would somehow equate into being the very thing it would have avoided it.  If any deal is to be made, it will be on their terms, no one else’s.

Go Fuck Yourself Nation!”

Is what this tells me their saying to us.  Were they really so desperate to go from do nothing, to do anything even with an (*) on it.? What kind of leader would cut things from others,  while taking none of their own?

I’ve provided a link to a ballot that’s making it around asking congress to share in the budget reduction resulting from the mess they created.

I think we should go even further, changing the structure of their pay altogether, making it performance based like they want to do with teachers salaries.  If anybody comes across anything like that. let me know.  Let me know what you think

Heres Something Could Really Get Behind: Performance Based Salaries For All Who Hold Elected Office

In An Unsurprising Turn of Events, Palazzo Now Supports Sandy Relief: No Longer Looks Like Dick-head

After Touring Storm’s Damage, Palazzo Says He Will Support Next Round Of Sandy Relief | TPM LiveWire.

English: Official portrait of Steven Palazzo
English: Official portrait of Steven Palazzo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congressman Steven Palazzo of MS was one of the House Republicans who had voted NO on the Hurricane Sandy relief package that went before Congress around the same time as the fiscal cliff  deal.  In light of the heated criticism he received from around the nation about his vote, It is little surprise that he has now taken it upon himself to tour the storm ravaged districts to “see firsthand the devastation caused….and to meet with my colleagues about securing immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from the storm”.  Apparently now, it seems, they deserve the federal aid

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...
Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near its peak Category 5 intensity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was surprising that Palazzo would have given a no vote in the first place, especially considering he serves as a Rep. in the Gulf Coast, site of the worst national disasters in any of our recent memories, Hurricane Katrina.  When it was his state and his constituents in need, he relied on the decency of other members in Congress to do the right thing.  When it came time for him to lessen the hardships being faced by those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, he would not.  Regardless of the fact that he applied for federal aid to help recover from Katrina after the aftermath of Katrina, he voted to deny aid to those still reeling from Hurricane Sandy; their calls for help went unanswered by Congress.

Hurricane Sandy 2012
Hurricane Sandy 2012 (Photo credit: charliekwalker)

Following his visit to the hardest hit areas of NY and NJ, Palazzo has come 180, telling his colleagues in those areas they had his unwavering support in ensuring the next round of disaster aid to be considered in Congress passes.The amount proposed by the next round is nearly 5 times larger than the first (which he voted against), so it will be interesting to see what kind of opposition if any it will run up against within Congress, and whether he actually keeps his word, advocating its passage.  Hopefully those who voted against the bill have been sufficiently shamed by the public, and in the media that they will vote with conscience, providing these natural disaster victims with some immediate relief.


Practice What You Preach

I now have an opportunity to practice what it is I preach.  After being selected for a fellowship/internship for the Obama campaign I am now able to actually do something and perhaps receive some measurable success in counteracting the negative effects of Citizens v United. I am glad to finally have the opportunity to put my beliefs into practice. Stay tuned people!