Feel free to use the categories listed above you, to navigate to the related feed if you already know what tickles your fancy, or to use the individual tags, located to your right there, otherwise, consider this something of a curated list for your reading pleasure.


In Your Face:

These posts are about the issues of injustice and inequality (racial and economic) being faced by today’s society.  It is becoming increasingly harder to remain blissfully ignorant of their existence because they have increasingly been playing out across the airwaves in every major form of media.

Getting To The Bottom Of Things: Or Down The Rabbit Hole:

These are all posts where I have either commented on something that highlights one of the main underlying factors of our society’s illness, or is a major underlying cause for its existence in the first place.

Off The Cuff:

These are some of the funnier, unfiltered, experimental and/or uncompromising posts of mine.  Strap on your seat-belts folks.  If you weren’t convinced I’m cracked before now, you will be after reading some of these!

Here are several of my personal favorite blog posts, each of them for different reasons.

I hope you enjoy!

Trayvan Martin Modern Day Emmitt Till

An Attempt to Write These Wrongs

Passing of Rodney King and What It Made Me Think

An Army Of One

Welcome to My House of Mirrors

Dear Obama



As always,  any thoughts, suggestions, even criticisms for anything related to this blog; site, writings, author, etc. is readily welcomed  (just show some class ok?).








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