Here I am!

Hey! It’s me, here I am!

Eyes Wide Shut
I think there’s something in my eye.

Whats that?  Whats my name you say?

 Well, round these parts I go by SammyScoops.  I know, I know, you’re probably thinking; what the F*#@ kinda name is that? Right?  Well, blame it on my mother, at least thats what I do.   In reality (or would this be virtual reality?), it’s a lazy and unimaginative combination of two of my favorite, although unimaginative, nicknames [I’m sensing a pattern here] …. I guess that’s what happens when your brain farts.


 Despite its lame, bastard child like genesis, it still rings true, or at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself.  I’m a curious guy with an inquisitive mind, some would say a hyperactive one, much like the rest of what it’s attached to….[can you feel the words bouncing off the page yet?]. Not only that, I like to share those interesting facts, my inquisitive mind leads me to find.

I also like to make people laugh, and have a  way of thinking and talking (about anything) that is distinctly my own, and if the joke went over someones head, or people don’t think something I said was funny, thats alright cause its not my fault they’re a dwarf, besides I crack myself up!

The only problem with these otherwise noble, and admirable qualities (notice humility didn’t make the top 10?) is that I tend to say what I think, when I’m thinking it in most cases.  As I’m sure you could imagine, that doesn’t always end well for me especially in anything that has to do with the following;

  1. situations that require silence,
  2. or gravity,
  3. anything thats boring,
  4. waiting one’s turn,
  5. interactions with authority figures
  6. especially up-tight people and their prissy ass sensitive feelings
  7. people with no sense of humor
  8. the general public
  9. small children,
  10. poop flinging monkeys [ pssst, 9 and 10 are related…its a story I’ll have to tell you some other time]
  11. relationships
  12. unicorns
  13. bullshit
  14. places that smell like bullshit
  15. so on and so forth, etc. etc., you get the picture.

Nothing I say is said  for the purpose of spite, still, not everyone finds the punch-lines as funny as I.  Alas, so is life.  What I usually tell myself is, “Fuck em if they can’t take a joke!”.  It seems to help, I sleep fine at night.

At first glance, one might guess this blog is all fun and games, but let me assure you;

This is not the case!

More often than not, its on serious thoughts my focus remains, and therefore, these pages contain. I like to think, and write, and write while I’m thinking and think while I’m writing thinking about writing.  And I like to do all these things about more serious stuff than just the fluff.  Like Keanu Reeves (playing Keanu Reeves), I’m a natural at being the Devils Advocate, asking those pesky questions, like  “Why?”, or “Why not?” of an important topic.

I’d like to think no issue is too big, or too controversial to be off limits, cause that’d just be so cocky of it.  The more uncomfortable the subject, or varied the responses, the better.  Perhaps we each have things to teach one another about each other.  It’s my goal to pass this amazing thing called thinking onto others, it’s become something of a lost art form; we’re all much poorer for it.  More important than the act of thinking to me, is the thoughts themselves.  I hope we can have an honest discourse, and share them, like servicemen in a brothel on 48hr pass share the clap;  only without antibiotics.

The end goal isn’t that we agree, or disagree, just that we think, and we speak, and if necessary, agree to disagree.


2 thoughts on “Here I am!”

    1. Hey, thanks for the follow!

      I’ve been so intermittent in this endeavor, that it means a lot to me

      Likewise, I’m really digging on the premise for your blog! Especially the more and more consistent I get in my own journaling and doing my teaching reflections. Just began digitizing them recently, though we’ll see what use if any comes from it.

      Don’t be a stranger!

      Liked by 1 person

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