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It’s alright, relax a little, and take a load off; lets take this time to get to know each other a little better….

I  mean I’m sure it’s just the two of us here if you know what I mean…[nudge nudge, wink wink]…but I think this may even be going a little fast for my taste, but that’s OK by me, I won’t hold it against you,

or will I?….I jest, I jest…..

Really though,  all joking aside, I would like to hear your thought and your take on anything you come across on this site.  I’ve been really enjoying the writing process again lately, and I hope enjoy it as well.  I may randomly decide to change some elements of the blog and I would greatly appreciate your comments; I’ll even thank you in advance for not allowing me to look like a dumb-ass (its nice to get a day of, once in a while). Alright, enough about that just fill this form out already so we can get this party started up in here!  I’m looking forward to hearing from you and responding to your comments.



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Just a regular guy searching for the meaning of it all.

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