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Hello there

Whats up everyone!  My name is Sam, I’m a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, only I reside on the other side of the bay.  I’m a die-hard fan of my home team’s the A’s and Raiders.  Being outdoors brings me great enjoyment, but the library will always be where my heart is.  I’m an active person by nature, some would say, “hyper” active; my mind works the same way.   I believe in equality, honesty, and the never-ending quest for true knowledge.

  Reading is my favorite pastime, mainly because I like to learn new things.  It never ceases to amaze me how intriguing the art of researching is, never quite knowing how deep the rabbit hole goes, and full of surprises; so I try to be open-minded.  My time as a history major at Cal is likely to blame for this near obsession, but I wouldn’t trade those experiences for the world.  All history interests me, but US History from WWII on, are my strongest passion.

 I started this blog because after a work related injury took me to a dark place in my life,  This blog helped me to deal with the feelings of uselessness, and hopelessness stemming from being idle for the first time I can remember.  Writing this blog gave me something constructive to do with my time and the information I stumble across while surfing the internet.

  This blog is intended to be informative and thought-provoking (to the best of my abilities), covering issues our society faces; by habit I often put things in historical context.  If at all possible I’ll always include links, when unavailable,  a description of where the information is available.  I will admit that my opinions are naturally of a progressive orientation, but I welcome comments, thoughts and discourse from all. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy!  

Please; if you like it,  comment and share it. If you don’t like it, by all means let me know why


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