There will be blue skys...

Welcome To My Humble Abode

I can’t make any guarantees of what may follow….

I talked to my Dr., it seems that its more serious than was originally feared.

My chronic condition is something of a medical mystery,

I suffer from  a case of dysentery,
 of the MOUTH
 and its spreading rapidly.

 No longer limited to the spoken wordmetastasized itself upon my virtual personage as well.  This is not a condition helped along  by the fact I am a highly opinionated extrovert.  All I can guarantee is this; 

I am going to give you the scoop,the FULL scoop.

I am going to present to you the world as I see it.  Without pretend airs, false claims, artificial sweeteners, or otherwise.  There will be no sugar-coating here, in the land of keepin it R-E-A-L.  How do you like your commentary? Cause I only serve it one way;  un-censored, un-filtered, un-pirated.  I copyright that shit, right here, right now, take me at face value or don’t take me at all.  I stand behind my product and it is my hope that you’ll enjoy.

If I could only trouble you all with one small request; don’t forget to speak your piece!  I greatly value any input from anyone who has taken the time to check me out!

Without Further Ado,

Heres The Scoop:


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