What career advice does Eva Kor have?

Sometimes we all need to be reminded "Never, ever give up"

Answer by A Quora admin:

I tell my story of surviving Auschwitz to many, many young people. A lot of students are trying to figure out what sort of jobs they will have, and I always think it is funny when one of them asks me if I knew I wanted to start a museum after I was liberated from Auschwitz. I was 10 years old – all I wanted to do was to find some food and find my way back home! But I know what it is like to be young and to wonder how you will fit into this big, mixed-up, crazy world.
I have learned some important lessons in Auschwitz that I try to relay to young people. I tell them, when you graduate you will enter the job force. Hopefully you will get a job, but there is a good chance you won't like it. Not all jobs are perfect. You may get tired of it and you may quit. But I must remind you that all new beginnings are difficult. So you take another job, and that is difficult. After a while, you quit that too. Then you go to the third job, and pretty soon all you have is one failure after another. How are you going to deal with that?
I got into real estate in 1977. No reputable company wanted to hire me because I had an accent when I spoke. I ended up working for a very inefficient, unimportant company where I didn't make more than 2,000 dollars a year. That just about paid for my expenses. I did that for six years. But I refused to quit.
I kept calling the more esteemed companies where I would have a better opportunity. I would call them twice a year, and twice a year they all refused to hire me. They said, “Sorry, we aren't hiring right now.” Well I knew for a fact they were hiring new agents, but they weren't willing to give me a chance.
Ultimately I ended up with one of the largest companies. I had an ongoing joke with the second-biggest company. I kept telling the broker, “All I want is one day for you to askme to work for you, and I could say no.” And ultimately that is what happened.
You are probably not going to get the ideal job right away. You have to learn how to overcome hardship and succeed. I told myself, “If I ever quit real estate, it will be when I am successful and I have won – not because I would have given up.” I sold real estate for 36 years.
Beginnings are always hard. The middle is sometimes hard too. But these challenges can help you find your strength of character. If you can somehow apply your strengths to your job, you will succeed. Then you can quit because you want to, not because you aren't making any money or no one likes you or you are unsuccessful.
In everything we do in life, we have to work through the early problems and succeed. How we respond to challenges impacts how we feel about ourselves. If you face a challenge and it does not turn out how you planned, that is okay. You can survive it, you can learn from it, and you will feel better about yourself after you go through it. But if you face a challenge and you give up, then you will feel worse about yourself and it will become harder to face the next challenge.
The number one lesson I learned in Auschwitz was this: Never, ever give up. If you never give up on yourself and on your dreams, all good things in life are possible.

What career advice does Eva Kor have?


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