Saved From Itself: Mississippi Was Almost Set to Continue It’s Sad Racist Legacy Until Saved By The Bell

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Mississippi to Execute Willie Manning Tonight After Rejecting DNA Tests & FBI’s Admission of Error | Democracy Now!.

Despite the very real possibility they could be completely wrong about this conviction in the first place; having already received a personal admission from the FBI that they had made errors in the handling of this case and urging the state of Mississippi to take that one extra step as a precaution ensuring they aren’t about to execute an innocent man; committing murder in their own right.

When somebody else’s life is at stake, I feel like who is anyone else to deny that person the willingness to go the extra mile, even if it is just to humor them.  Whatever time you feel like you may have wasted in the process at least you’ll have the option of waking up the next morning to pick up where you may have left off, a luxury decidedly not afforded to someone recently executed.

With the advent of DNA, we are beginning to see quite a few instances where cases we once thought were a slam dunk turns out to be bunk; built entirely upon the strength of whatever our own individual prejudices we each secretly harbor; and nothing more.  We’ve become too quick to assume guilt well before innocence; somehow shifting the burden of proof from the prosecutions shoulders and onto our own…

If receiving an admission from the FBI that they made a few errors and it could have affected this man’s case doesn’t serve to qualify as being at least a shadow of a doubt as to his guilt then I don’t know what would.  The worst part about it is the reluctance on the state of Mississippi’s part to even look into the matter.  It’s almost like they’re scared what they would have found out if they decided to do that.

So if any of my readers are in the Gulf region and Mississippi in particular; I urge you to reach out to your governor expressing your doubts or your concerns about the execution going forward tonight as planned before at least giving the FBI the time of day to put their mind at rest that they didn’t really make a mistake and put the wrong man away; sentencing him to death.


At the last minute, the Mississippi Supreme Court issued a stay of execution, for which many people let out an audible sigh of relief.  I just don’t really understand why that wouldn’t have been their first instinct or reaction when they discovered their had been a mistake on the part of the FBI in the handling of his case and that they were no longer confident with their original findings.

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