Hunger Striking at Guantánamo Bay –

Hunger Striking at Guantánamo Bay –

Map of Guantánamo Bay showing approximate U.S....
Map of Guantánamo Bay showing approximate U.S. Naval Boundaries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please, I urge you to read this op-ed piece from one of the current Guantanamo hunger strikers currently protesting their treatment as well as their continued detention in Guantanamo despite Obama‘s empty promises that he would see the facility closed within first year of office, or the overwhelming lack of any evidence linking the majority of them to anything even remotely resembling terrorism, or quasi-terrorists.

After reading this, I’m deeply saddened because I’m forced to wonder how long that will be the case about their beliefs and their intentions towards us. I would imagine it becomes pretty hard to hear someone no ill will when they had you held captive for  the last decade.

I’m not really sure how it is that we, as Americans can continue turning a blind eye to the deplorable actions our government undertakes in our name and in the name of “liberty” “peace” or “democracy”; as if simply remaining silent about it absolves us of the guilt we share for enabling and endorsing it through our silence.


How many more have to die before we are willing to accept the basic premise that all other people’s, religions, and cultures of the world and we can’t forget “races” are equally deserving of the human dignity and respect we would expect for ourselves?  Why is it such a simple lesson most of us would or have taught our children fall upon deaf ears when it reaches our leadership?

We create our own environment in this world and it can either be one of peace, prosperity and respect for other human beings if for nothing else our shared species; Just think of what amazing things we could get done if we would just focus on increasing the peace and focusing our efforts and our energies within for the time being; both nationally as well as individually, we’re long overdue for it!

We can’t be so quick to dismiss tactics not tried yet; especially when they’ve been met with such great results in the struggles of others.

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