Caught With Pants Down On the Net: Pro-CISPA Lawmaker Deletes Retweet about Money Received from Pro-CISPA Groups – Sunlight Foundation Blog

Pro-CISPA Lawmaker Deletes Retweet about Money Received from Pro-CISPA Groups – Sunlight Foundation Blog.

It appears that that somebody forgot everybody’s watching when you’re online….

Michigan Republican Mike Rogers reportedly made a boo-boo on his twitter page, luckily for us, a fine denizen of the internet was kind enough to scoop up a clear shot for us. This is it down below.Mike Rogers Internet Privacy

I don’t know about you, but to me, that looks pretty damning.

There’s Nothing Worse Than A Poor Winner;

Really, there honestly isn’t.  When you’re having your ass royally handed to you, as we obviously are by our politicians; the last thing you want to hear is them gloat about it.  I’d like to think that for the most part I know how to lose with style and grace, minus the occasional exception that’s bound to happen at some point.   But this, gloating, is something that will instantly send me over the top.  It’s like he’s doing an end-zone celebration; except those were actually kinda funny, they didn’t make me sick in the stomach.

What’s It To Him If We Want Our Privacy Online Over CISPA: He Still Gets Our Check Anyways.

Regardless of what these politicians do while they hold their elected office, the one we elected them to on the first place, they get paid.  The more arbitrary and nonsensical the matter,  the better, far less likely to end up being settled.   As a whole, the class of havenots are beginning to be treated as second class citizens by our very own government… What good will any of those rights we squabbled and we fought for so long and hard have be to us if we never stand up and use them?  What good is free speech when you remain silent? Silence is the same as consent.  I’ve already talked in some detail about why the government should have the ability to look through our digital belongings online when it can’t do the same physically?  The FBI had trouble enough without all of the digitization to worry about, having a history for pursuing it’s own agenda in how it enforces the law, a fact that is proven again and again throughout history.

And this was before there was any potential bribe involved which is just effed up to a whole different level.  It goes to that whole being a sore winner again. ….  Instead of getting dejected or repeating things I left better said earlier, I issue a challenge instead

Are we capable of doing what’s necessary?

Be The Judge, Be the Jury; But Stay The Execution:

It is ultimately left to us to decide his fate for his transgressions; and by that, I mean those of you in Michigan, of course.  If he’s your representative recall him, or help to put up national pressure on him and the rest of government until it becomes too much for them to deny, or to bear.  If we opt to look the other way during this glaring example of political graft run rampant; will we ever?

Are we always going to sit back and wait for these politicians to uphold their end of our bargain (Obama‘s civil liberties track record is perfect example) before we make them?  We can’t sacrifice our interests or put them on hold because of things like election seasons or political expediency; election or not, difficult or not; we still pay them, and therefore, they still represent us.

Are we gonna end up as one of those “my lawyer fucked me” cases in Shawshank?




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