Watching Democracy Inaction: A Political Farce

Haunted Fremantle Lunatic Asylum after midnight
Haunted Fremantle Lunatic Asylum after midnight (Photo credit: perthhdproductions)

Nation Taken Over by a Bunch of Lunatics,


Fresh escaped from the loony bin, body snatching aliens have taken control of Congress, or something like that.

Once thought to be sane and responsible as they were running for office; As the debate intensifies, members of Congress have resorted to drastic measures indeed.  Aside from sequestration, tantrum throwing has reached epidemic proportions resulting in mass “un-invitings” from birthdays…..

I Wish I Could Say This Was Far From The Mark

Butt It’s Not:

I can’t help being disgusted at the state of what we call “politics” these days. we can’t seem to agree on anything (aside from the obvious fact that whatever they’re doing, they’re doing wrong) let alone pass any legislation.  It makes me what goes on behind the scenes, away from prying eyes, and listening ears….. I’ll bet they just look at each other…..just look……and stare….emptily, watching for the paint dry in each others minds.  It seems like we can’t pass any legislation, not even the Violence Against Women Act is being actively resisted for making the mistake of covering too many women in it.


You can’t just creationism them out of your text-books like you did evolution.

We now sit at a political impasse; the budgets are due to be cut, and drastically; with seemingly little or no preparation.

The people in government these days are waaaay to busy playing a heated game of blame the other guy for thoughts like small business or the economy to occupy their mind.  Is that the game where you just stare at each other until one person blinks, or do I have it confused with something else?

Have we really become so bloated with government largesse and excess that our leaders blankly stare at budget documents dumbfounded like they were taking an advanced calculus test? RHETORICAL QUESTION

No need to answer, the answer is yes.  When combining this with their tendency for a good tantrum, it makes for a whoooooole lotta nothin! and plenty more where that came from.  They aren’t the Do Nothing Congress for Nothin

Here’s an example; John Boehner leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives held a press conference about butts, telling Harry Reid and Obama the Senate needed to get off its ass, to which Senator Reid responds

no no it is you who is sitting on your bum! AHA! Take that you dastardly devil, I’m rubber and YOU are GLUE!

Wow, aren’t we in such great hands….I’m not worried about this sequester business the slightest!

That’s really such a great example of family values, from the leader of family values party for you.  It must be an audible in the parents play-book.  If you see that your child has gone into a Grocery Store defensive package, and you expect to receive heavy pressure by way of a tantrum, you fake left, then right and then when you see an opening, you meet it head on!

Scream louder and longer than them, a war of attrition until finally the capitulate to your will!  Any of you parents out there go ahead  and let me know how that one works out for ya’.

We’re  the grocery store employee….just smiling and nodding, too polite and nice to say anything but the whole tantrum we’re secretly thinking;

“somebody shut that kid up” or “Would you two just shut that kid the fuck up already”

John Boehner - Caricature

Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid

Thou Shalt Turn The Other Cheek; And By That I Mean Butt-Cheek:

His emphasis on the posterior was funny on many levels.  At one point I believe there was even a photo-op for Boehner’s oft neglected tushy where he made a solemn vow to a worried American public that he wouldn’t be getting off his until Democrats had struck first, even going so far as being seen he was seated comfortably in his chair when he next met with the press (he must not have wanted to catch a bum rap). And point goes to Boehner for originality.

When you consider the way small business owners, the middle-class, and the american worker were each sloganeered by both parties during the election cycle, I wonder how much consideration he gave before sliding behind them and sticking his president Johnson in their unsuspecting you know what….raw-dog with no lube

This is how I’d describe the Govt. fucked us, also leading me to believe at some point they must have done time…. in their you know where crack raw-dog with no lube and then bailed makes me think that at some point, he must have served time. Lets hope I’m wrong….

But it won’t matter if I’m right, despite the obvious joke that is our government or knowing we need and deserve better

We Must Be Gluttons For Punishment:

we settle

like a chick with little or no self-esteem,

we settle,

in politics as in life

we settle for less while hoping for more

walking away unsatisfied,

but asking for seconds

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