Govt Report: We Wasted A Ton of Money in Iraq: Vindication Anyone?

Govt Report: We Wasted A Ton of Money in Iraq

Green party anti-war poster
Green party anti-war poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 After all this fiscal responsible BS I hear coming from the GOP, I would love to hear them explain how they could just continue to write blank checks for the Iraq, and I’m assuming the Afghanistan War as well, never bothering to look at what they were  paying for until just now?  Fucking absolutely positively the most god-damned ridiculous bullshit I’ve ever heard in my life.

They want to put every social program; that helps people living here, domestically, in the United States, the ones who pay those taxes they wasted; under a microscope subject to intense scrutiny while blindly spending in Iraq and Afghanistan is ridiculous.  They really wanna know why were bankrupt financially and morally as a nation?

Heres your answer right here in all its splendor and its glory.

Mental retardation.

And what did it accomplish? Nothing…. not a damn thing except killing a bunch of innocent people and chalking it up to being acceptable collateral damage.

So many people said it for so long and they didn’t wanna listen.  This Government is totally incompetent.  Go ahead and do us all a favor, stay sequestered,



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