I Think Its HIgh Time We Tell Congress To WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

John Boehner




Reducing Budget of Congress for Duration of Crisis 

It looks like those budget cuts are shaping up to be not quite across the board like  they presented them to us, surely must have just been an honest mistake. we thought they were , Im sure it was nothing more than an honest mistake.  At some point we’ll get a courtesy “Ooops! Well I’ll be ….. it looks like those cuts didn’t make it across now did they?”  …..That’s ok, I’m sure they’ll make it up to us the next time they wanna hijack the country……

Im under the impression that congress is under the impression that “Do Nothing Congress” is to be interpreted literally, or they have mistaken it for being the job description.  Dammit!!!! I ran because  I wanted to do nothing!

Hahaha, it’s a good mental picture, and we have to at least try to keep laughing, otherwise we would feel even worse.


Official photographic portrait of US President...
Here’s Barry, say hello,  He’s had a rough week on the job.  He likes long walks on the beach and karaoke to unwind.

Ok, so our current  SNAFU involves a crises that was not only  entirely avoidable, but never should have existed in the first place! I don’t know, I’ll leave that one for now, maybe i  come back to it.  Obama wins and begins passing legislation that Boehner and Congress didn’t really agree with, so they’ve spent the rest of the time trying to kill that instead of fixing the budget….Does that sound about right?

In order to get Republicans not to commit what would have been economic suicide last go around, talking them off of the ledger and back to work.  Obama and Boehner come together and agreed on a number that needed to be cut from the budget by x date everyone agrees, shakes on it, the works, awesome it’s a miracle; especially for these two.

At this point we’re all shitting unicorns and pissing rainbows, for those of you layman out there, that means were really flipping peachy and ecstatic at this point.  When all of a sudden, the bottom dropped out  when the bottom dropped out  in being able to expect a painless solution going forward.  Despite the date begin marked on everyones calendar for importance, no one could seem to remember what day was.

Instead of getting together the night before a big game making sure that everything is fresh  everybody knows what needs to be done and they’re all well rested; I think The Executive Branch, and the Legislative have been out getting “shwasty” faced, and  debating  politics.

Not only were we, they, and anyone else involved who may or may not have a mouse in  who may have a mouse in their pocket…… we all knew what was at stake and we watched our elected representatives just stand there in awe,  watching the inevitable happen people in NYC on 9/11.

A train wreck so gruesome you can’t bear to watch but you can’t bring yourself to take your eyes off it.

Has Congress decided to go all jihadi terror cell on us? Are they waiting on us to get their general out of prison or something Like in Die Hard?  Or maybe us in the West Coast can finally get that secession from them.  The one they were talking about on and often as soon as they saw it would be Barack the “Muslim” Obamaaaaaaammmmmmaaaa assuming control once more?

What are their demands?  Aside from cutting funding for programs supporting the elderly or the weak ?  Do they have any? Or is that as far as they’ve gotten.

When people look back on our era, what will they say we’ve been able to carry out?   What will our legacy be ? Our major legislative victories What are our major legislative victories, and how have we cared for those victories won through the hard work of others?



Despite conservative members of  Congress railing long and hard about the woes caused unto society by having a nanny state, with all these entitlement needing “welfare queens” or theives; people gaming the system for help from the government when they don’t really need it.  I mean the nerve to be getting paid and not to have to do anything for it……

hmmmmm…. that sounds kinda familiar…

Both houses of Congress are equally to blame for this mess, as is  the President, both current and past.  They all allowed this to happen,.  Party leadership especially.  Shame on leadership for allowing fringe elements to gain and wield undue influence, just as Washington had once  issued a warning to urging against political parties for that very reason.

I just don’t  get how having them doing all these theatrics is helping our workers, debt ceilings, showdowns and nonsense a debt ceiling showdown, or this nonsense now, in any way promotes a pro-business climate or helps our economy recover?  Isn’t This business about our loans defaulting, the budget slashed and the potential for the economy to crash down on their heads yet again, doesn’t really create a pro business climate now does it?

Eric Cantor headshot
Eric Cantor, who along with Paul Ryan was a leading impetus for pushing the sequestration on the the government.

Still, egomaniacs like Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan  seemed rather pleased with themselves.  Apparently the results must have gone as they intended.  It just makes me wonder how much you can  trust someone who’s repeatedly been untrustworthy.

When there was a deal on the table Boehner wanted to take it, putting all this distracting talk behind us.  But, Cantor and Ryan talked him out of it , convincing him that no retreat would somehow equate into being the very thing it would have avoided it.  If any deal is to be made, it will be on their terms, no one else’s.

Go Fuck Yourself Nation!”

Is what this tells me their saying to us.  Were they really so desperate to go from do nothing, to do anything even with an (*) on it.? What kind of leader would cut things from others,  while taking none of their own?

I’ve provided a link to a ballot that’s making it around asking congress to share in the budget reduction resulting from the mess they created.

I think we should go even further, changing the structure of their pay altogether, making it performance based like they want to do with teachers salaries.  If anybody comes across anything like that. let me know.  Let me know what you think

Heres Something Could Really Get Behind: Performance Based Salaries For All Who Hold Elected Office


  1. […] the only difference between yourself, and a career politician, is you’re not any good at it; obviously having no political leverage or capital as your failure to secure your agenda on gun control and the budget (sequester) make evident to us.  You fail to be effective at pushing for legislation many people actually want in the Senate with it’s Democrat majority, let alone the Republican House…. […]


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