These Burning Questions Lit A Fire

Wanna know something?

Spider in Des Moines, Iowa
Trippy Looking spider from the park in Des Moines, IA

Well I’m gonna tell  you anyways 

I’ve always wondered why people can’t come more to the center, attempt to meet somewhere in the middle in an effort to compromise a little. 

Society places these taboo’s on speaking about the things of importance; politics, religion, our place in life

 Everything has become so cut and dry, right or wrong, black or white… good or bad, heaven or hell; its all subjective it’s what you make of it…

Heaven forbid you get that awkward question and have to explain what you believe to someone else.

Maybe you’re scared,

Who knows, you may surprise yourself discoveries in the learned & unlearned 

Until we come together trying to understand each other, crooked politicians will continue to grow fat off kick-backs, runnin game on us all night.

Why is it that we have allowed petty differences to divide us so thoroughly as we have now?    

Why two sides can’t just “agree to disagree” while still making an honest effort at coming to a better understanding of the person “opposing” them?

 Things  of no consequence to others dominate their thought process, who’s doing what behind closed doors with who in the comfort of their own home?…

Women’s personal choice on what to do with their body is soon to be legislated or subject to an investigation or trial by“”Grand Jury”?

 Why is it people are so concerned with what others are doing as they themselves live an imperfect life while calling it “flawless”?

Didn’t we learn that lesson in Kindergarten?

Why does our government do horrible things in our name, and without many of ours knowledge?

How can we all go about our lives so wrapped up in pettiness, yet blissfully ignorant about things that matter?

How can people be filled with such malice, acting out cruelty and murder upon one another? s even kill each other?


How can we tell ourselves were a free Democracy and not take any interest politics except every 2 years?

Why would they deny us the imformation necessary to make informed decisons if this is Democracy? 

Things would go much better; much smoother, more efficient and effective…all those things that were not.

When exactly was it that human life became trumped in value by the almighty $$$?


AmeriCorps at the Badlands South Dakota
Just Another Day At The Office


I just need to know the future leads forward; the path of progress…otherwise

I’m not sure how much longer I can live in a cold world like this.

One filled with greed, and reckless disregard for ourselves, the environment, and for others.

A world filled with pain, and frustration, 

Collective anguish….  But theres hope yet… 

One day, for all these questions I’ll finally have some answers…

I have to believe  theres hope yet.

Eventually you have to ask yourself a final question, 


As a student of history, I’ve come to learn that sometimes theres just no good explanation to why it is we do the fucked up stuff we do to each other…

People, especially those in power will get away with whatever you let them…

just that much, and no more

Just because I make plain the less flattering aspects of stuff,

Doesn’t mean I’m not proud of where I grew up.

I just have tough love, because I know that we as society can handle it.

Rise to the challenge, and grow.

Lets you and me

Really be,

The change we wish to seek.

For liberty, equality

Peace, Justice 

& freedom for all.

what are we waiting for?

The time is now



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