The Boss

I’m really kinda torn on Christie… Initially the little I knew about him prior to the GOP convention and the convention itself had me looking at him like just another one of these whack job GOP guys, refusing to compromise or with the other side…etc.etc.

But I guess I really liked the way he handled himself with the Hurricane, and he wasn’t afraid to distance himself from his party, or to thank Obama for his swift reaction to the disaster. I also like that he wash’t afraid to tell his fellow Republicans in Congress to pull their head out their ass when it came to approving the disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy.

I think that I’ll stay on the fence for now, but maybe a straight shooter is what the GOP needs right now; (correction: a sane straight shooter),
as long as that convo doesn’t develop into any sort of witch-craft, legitimate rape talk, denying of climate change…. Theres enough of those tards in the GOP already.


When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took the podium for his Jan. 8 State of the State address, Trenton’s Democratic legislature received him less as the pugnacious leader of the opposition than as its own conquering hero. Christie was welcomed with a standing ovation, and his speech was staccatoed by thunderous applause. So what if many of those Democrats privately refer to Christie in terms not fit to print? As Christie might say, Don’t be stupid: At this moment, there’s virtually no challenging the man. Christie’s textbook performance after Hurricane Sandy devastated his state in October pushed his approval ratings above 70% and sent his opponents scurrying for cover. Local TV commentators wonder if his upcoming 2013 re-­election fight might be more coronation than campaign. In short, Christie may now be America’s most popular politician. And at a moment when Republicans in Washington look ham-fisted, inflexible and incapable of governing…

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