In An Unsurprising Turn of Events, Palazzo Now Supports Sandy Relief: No Longer Looks Like Dick-head

After Touring Storm’s Damage, Palazzo Says He Will Support Next Round Of Sandy Relief | TPM LiveWire.

English: Official portrait of Steven Palazzo
English: Official portrait of Steven Palazzo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congressman Steven Palazzo of MS was one of the House Republicans who had voted NO on the Hurricane Sandy relief package that went before Congress around the same time as the fiscal cliff  deal.  In light of the heated criticism he received from around the nation about his vote, It is little surprise that he has now taken it upon himself to tour the storm ravaged districts to “see firsthand the devastation caused….and to meet with my colleagues about securing immediate relief and assistance to those suffering from the storm”.  Apparently now, it seems, they deserve the federal aid

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...
Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near its peak Category 5 intensity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was surprising that Palazzo would have given a no vote in the first place, especially considering he serves as a Rep. in the Gulf Coast, site of the worst national disasters in any of our recent memories, Hurricane Katrina.  When it was his state and his constituents in need, he relied on the decency of other members in Congress to do the right thing.  When it came time for him to lessen the hardships being faced by those suffering from Hurricane Sandy, he would not.  Regardless of the fact that he applied for federal aid to help recover from Katrina after the aftermath of Katrina, he voted to deny aid to those still reeling from Hurricane Sandy; their calls for help went unanswered by Congress.

Hurricane Sandy 2012
Hurricane Sandy 2012 (Photo credit: charliekwalker)

Following his visit to the hardest hit areas of NY and NJ, Palazzo has come 180, telling his colleagues in those areas they had his unwavering support in ensuring the next round of disaster aid to be considered in Congress passes.The amount proposed by the next round is nearly 5 times larger than the first (which he voted against), so it will be interesting to see what kind of opposition if any it will run up against within Congress, and whether he actually keeps his word, advocating its passage.  Hopefully those who voted against the bill have been sufficiently shamed by the public, and in the media that they will vote with conscience, providing these natural disaster victims with some immediate relief.


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