Obama’s Got Bernie’s Back:

Obama Threw His Weight Behind This:

Although President Obama’s stance on this matter is not unbiased;
 He is about to become the first sitting president to be outspent by the opposition candidate during a presidential election campaign,
I still applaud him for taking a public stance on Citizens United.  The current election is will serve as a prime example to the nation the powerful impact that a few wealthy individual’s  and corporations can have on election cycle through exorbitantly large contributions made through Super PAC‘s.
Voicing his support for Bernie Sanders constitutional amendment, aiming to repeal the faulty Supreme Court decision that limited the campaign contributions of corporations impeded their right to free speech.  If Citizens v. United  is allowed to stand as is, it will open the floodgates to shady campaign contributions from the wealthy who have more capacity to donate than most of us combined, destroying Democracy in the process.
What happens in this campaign will serve as a reference point  for future elections.  If dumping massive amounts of money into the elections has effective results, then this is just the beginning.  We must act collectively, temporarily setting aside party differences to act in unison in stating we wish to continue to govern ourselves. Not allowing corporations to pump limitless amounts of money into these elections, making politicians puppets in the process.
The time to do something is now, without decisive action we should all get used to asking ourselves these questions;
Just How Much Does It Cost To Buy An Election?
or this one;
What About An  Entire Democracy?

What Can We Do? We Can Speak UP!

The opportunity is ours to send a very strong message to corporations and the uuber  rich, who would like to mislead, or deceive us into making uninformed decisions; acting in their best interests and not our own.
Either urge your congressional representation to get on board with the president and Senator Sanders, or vote for the under dog, in the upcoming election.  BETTER YET, ignore the televised ad campaigns altogether and look into the issues that are important to you to make up your own mind about the matter.
We can not allow this to happen while we stand idly by.
We must send the message:
we must send it LOUD and CLEAR.

Money Can’t Buy Everything:

Our government is NOT FOR SALE, at any price.
We must show those who would put a price tag on Democracy that we will not allow ourselves to be bought and sold like commodities. As they did the airwaves, through their enormous campaign contributions.
Politicians are not stock options, to be sold in auctions, to the highest bidder.
We are not at War with each other;
Elections are used as propaganda machines,
dropping leaflets over enemy territory
Indoctrinated by TV
If we send the message in this upcoming election that it doesn’t matter if your campaign had more money, and advertisements or commercials, we are going to make up our own minds.  If Mitt Romney wins it will be a dangerous precedent being set…Just pump enough money into any political election, or anything else and you can win.  It doesn’t really matter who you run as candidate….so long as you raise the most money.

We must have an impassioned defense of our democratic principles;

of the people,
by the people,
for the people,
and the public interest again?
It Will Become A descent into the Matrix;
       humans eventually being enslaved by their own creations.
Are we to hand the keys to these imaginary beings fueled by greed,
our very own creations?
Will we allow this nation of people
to be governed in the interest of soulless corporations?
If so, we guarantee a permanent break from the rule of man;
Our nation’s  policies no longer drafted,
repealed, and otherwise crafted for the benefit of the ordinary citizen.
It will be the interests of the few,
Those with money and power,
that own the airwaves, and the politicians, not the ordinary citizens.
with the interests of large, powerful multi-national corporations with whom we now placate.
If only we would appease them more, they might in fact bring the jobs home that they had shipped overseas;
or actually become those “job creators” for the average person.
It is up to us, and only us; as voting citizens, to show these corporations that our future, and our elections, our politicians and our minds cannot be bought so easily.
This is not a weight we can lay upon the shoulders of others, the responsibility is all of ours.
The burden will be great
If we can stave off this relentlessly overpowering attack on free speech
We may support our nations grand ideals;
narrowly missing a decent into cannibalism
which is threatened now.
Fair and free elections,
Taking a holistic approach to governing the nation
 in the interests of actual citizens not imaginary ones,
the ones who pay their taxes without calling it as success tax;
or funneling threw off shore bank accounts.
Here is a link to Bernie Sanders home page, please let him know that you support President Obama and him to amend the constitution rectifying the Citizens decision.
Here is a link to find the actual proposed amendment.

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