Condoleezza Rice: Chances of strike on Iran ‘increasing’


Nuclear weapon test Apache (yield 1.85 Mt) on ...
Nuclear weapon test Apache (yield 1.85 Mt) on Enewetak Atoll. Suomi: Ydinkoe Apache (räjähdysvoima 1.85 Mt) Enewetak Atollilla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I always find it interesting that former insiders are so willing to give interviews where they spout a bunch of hearsay to the media, and then they publish it.  Maybe that has something to do with why our nation is either misinformed or uninformed at all.  I couldn’t tell you how many people I’ve had conversations with really who will take this stuff at face value too.


Nobody will ever be able to force a politician to tell the truth, but the media should do a better job of holding some integrity and being accountable to themselves for presenting the  best, most relevant material to the American public without all the hyperbole.  In this article she say’s that not only is it becoming more likely that there will be a conflict between Iran and Israel over their “nuclear weapons” program, but that it should be the United States that goes in there, just to show that we could.




This makes me ask  the question; why?  What do we have to prove?  If they were developing nuclear weapons and not nuclear energy as they say they are, what are we ready to do as a nation?  Would it even be put up to the American public to decide?  Or would our elected leaders find some vague pretense to invade Iran because they’ve been chompin’ at the bit to do that since at least the early 2000’s.

Are we ready to send more of our young men and women into combat in yet another Middle-Eastern country, in total violation of their sovereignty?  Have we ever stopped and asked ourselves if they are even capable of using a nuclear weapon if they did develop one?  Are they crazy enough to do that, almost certainly assuring their own destruction in the process?  Or maybe they wish to acquire nuclear weapons for the same reasons many other countries do.


When you have nukes and everybody knows you do, suddenly there is no more talk about going into your sovereign nation for an intervention just on a whim.  Having nuclear weapons is like a get our of jail free card for any nation that possesses them, forcing a would be meddler to show a new level of respect to them and their sovereignty.

I’m not defending the Iranian regime or anything, but perhaps if we hadn’t stuck our noses where they didn’t belong back in 1954, toppling the first democratically elected leader (in a region that is still painted as never having tasted “democracy” ) we wouldn’t be having any difficulties with them at all.


The United States is the last nation that has any right to talk about another nation being a threat if they possessed nuclear weapons.  We unnecessarily dropped not 1, but 2, on a crippled Japanese nation that we had incindiary bombed almost to the ground (except of course the 2 virgin sites we left ourselves to test our new toys, the Atom Bomb).  We also have more nuclear weapons stockpiled than any other nation could even dream of….for what? A retaliatory strike?  If  Iran were to gain nuclear weapons, it would play out just like it did during the cold war between USSR and ourselves; neither party is crazy enough to pull the trigger, because the fall out from the response we would get would result in a Mutually Assured Destruction.


I am of the belief that we either get rid of all of them from every nation and shoot them into space or something, or we give at least one to every nation so that at least in that sense, everyone would be forced to bargain as equals.  I see about as much point in either approach really.  Later in the interview Condaleeza Rice admitted to the fact that she couldn’t give any specifics because she had yet to see any documents since she doesn’t even work in the state department any more.  What was she quoting in the first place? A crystal ball?





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