Someone didn’t get the memo « Resist racism


I think that we have quite enough racism in the world, without young people doing there best to carry on that tradition for people.  I just don’t think there is any sense in that.  Here they are with the opportunity to better themselves at college, freeing themselves from the prejudices of their parents, their friends, or their families and they’re doing it because they think it’s funny.  Another glaring instance of just how prevalent racism still is in todays society was the CNN Camerawoman covering the RNC that had peanuts thrown at her and was told “that’s how we feed animals around here”.  Absolutely disgusting, but what was worse was the fact she said that it could have happened at either the DNC or the RNC, it could happen anywhere; we live under the assumption that society has progressed much further than we have actually allowed it to.  Unfortunately, she was absolutely right.



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