Demilitarized Zone, North Korea
Demilitarized Zone, North Korea (Photo credit: yeowatzup)


But Why Though?

Was the army getting fat and lazy? Were these maneuvers something akin to shaking out your leg when it begins to go dead?  Are they afraid of North Korea? of China?  Japan?  Did they just want to say hello to their North Korean friends?  If the answer to these is no or I don’t know, then what purpose does it serve?  Not only does this display place North Korea on an uncomfortable footing, and understandably lead to tension in the area, it is nothing more than a waste of $$$.  No wonder the world is in an economic downturn when we thoughtlessly use resources in such reckless fashion.  I’m sure it isn’t cheap to mobilize an army, sending them on maneuvers.   Oil is one major reason the United States Defense budget is as out of control, both in terms of our necessary presence in the area (Middle East) and in terms of the cost to lubricate the gears of war so they run smoothly.

It appears that the United States and South Korea engaged in the largest military maneuvers exercise since the end of the Korean War.  Thus continues our policy of posturing  North Korea and Iran (the usual suspects).  Nations behaving as children, engaged in an age-old (and costly) pissing contest.  Is anyone impressed?  Such military arrogance and lack of respect for the concerns of other nations, it is no wonder that many countries such as North Korea and Iran seek to either develop or procure nuclear weapons.  Being in possession of nuclear weapons is the one deterrent the United States will pay attention to (just ask Pakistan), a real life GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card.  Surprisingly, nobody in the media is looking at it from this point of view, refusing to look at our less than stellar track record when it comes to nations governing their own affairs.

English: A look at the missile at the Titan Mi...
English: A look at the missile at the Titan Missile Museum in Arizona. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This only further illustrates the disconnect there exists between what mainstream media reports to the American public as being plain and simple fact, free from skew or slant.  We portray both these nations as if they were the boogeyman, as if they don’t have a very valid reason to want this technology and the protection it provides.  Iraq, Iran and North Korea have all been on our “hit list” since George W. Bush took office and possibly even beforehand.  We would have handled Iran or “messed with” them in some fashion already, if it would not have thrown the entire region into turmoil and soiled any reputation president Obama has rebuilt in terms of Foreign Policy, since taking office.  Im beginning to grow convinced that the average person’s subconscious credo is something like ignorance is bliss;

It’s all good as long as they don’t know.

Our blatant disregard for the sovereignty of other nations is not a recent development.  This has been the United States policy in Latin America since the Monroe Doctrine was an empty threat.  This selfish, meddling, almost Empire like behavior only intensified as the United States assumed to take the helm from exhausted Britain, following WWII.  Unexpectedly cast into the lead role on the world stage.  While we may portray ourselves as the bearers of freedom, we are the exact opposite;  Who is it you think that gave power to Mubarak? Or overthrew Allende?  In 1953 the CIA orchestrated an ill fated coup removing Mossadeq.  This act of arrogance, proved disasterous, leaving long term strain on our  relations with the oil rich region known as the Middle East.  Did I fail to mention the fact that for all our declarations of democracy and peace, he was the firs democratically elected leader in the entire region? Many of the most repressive leaders in the world were at one time supported, or helped by the United States to either gain or maintain power.

Why do we do this you might ask?  We do this because it doesn’t look good when WE torture our own prisoners, or getting our hands dirty.  Noriega was on a friendly relationship with the United States until he became a media and PR liability, and then we got rid of him.  Saddam Hussein, was an ally when we armed both Iran and Iraq as they fought the Iran-Iraq war.  Those murders for which we later tried him for War Crimes and executed him;  Where do you think he got the gas?  The United States government in one form or another was fully aware of the terrible things he had done, and we knew before leaving him in power following Desert Storm.  Osama Bin-Laden, perhaps the biggest villain to the American people since communism, trained at the hands of the CIA and funded by our government to lead his Mujahideen in the fight against their invaders from the Soviet Union.

English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily...
English: Osama bin Laden interviewed for Daily Pakistan in 1997; behind him on the wall is an AK-47 carbine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are so quick to fault Iran or North Korea for desiring to develop these nuclear weapons, if that is in fact what they wish to use the technology for.  But overlooked is the fact we have weapons stockpiled that will far surpass anything they’d be able to reproduce,  both in number and degree of advance.  The claim that they are  pursuing nuclear energy in a weapons capacity, only becomes more  ridiculous taking into consideration the restrictive trade sanctions we place on them and force the United Nations to adhere to.

Is the American public truly that ignorant of the fact that there exists well documented causes for these nations to be skeptical of our intentions to allow them to govern themselves? Does the American public really believe they want these “nukes” for the purpose of attack?  And how would they shoot them at us?  That logic is flawed, having nuclear weapons isn’t a statement about military superiority, it just makes your nation officially hands off.  Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons, and while the United States may still encroach on their sovereignty in its execution of the war (drones & Bin-Laden are what stand out to me), there is never any serious discussion about meddling in their affairs to the degree we do nations without these weapons.


I may only be half kidding on this next point so don’t laugh.

I think that we should give EVERY nation access to nuclear energy or a nuclear weapon.  I realize this may sound a bit off, like my brain is cracked.  But thinking about it logically, we could continue to waste our time and resources trying to prevent the rest of the world from developing or acquiring our tainted legacy to the world.  Eventually it is going to happen, regardless how much $$$ we throw at trying to prevent it.  Aside from that, I do not believe that North Korea or Iran are pursuing this technology for the purpose of attack, only to act as a deterrent to the United States to stay back.

Aside from the financial gains we would see by ceasing a futile effort, I believe it would make the world a safer place.  Were every nation to have nuclear weapons, the knowledge of our Mutually Assured Destruction would stay all hands. If they did wish to use them for warfare, it would be suicide, because they would know that every one of their neighbors also possesses one.  I believe that were every nation to own such destruction, it wold work much like détente during the Cold War, all parties would be fearful of ever using it, for fear of the consequences for their own people.   Not only is it something of an unexpected safety net, it is a gesture of trust and goodwill on the part of the United States, and would mark a departure from our current hypocritical stance regarding Nukes.

English: Genie Rakete
English: Genie Rakete (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the United States fails to act more as a leader and less like the bully of record, it could hold grave consequences in the future.  For all our training exercises, and shows of power, our military is nowhere near the invincible force we make it out to be.  Currently the number one cause of death among soldiers is themselves….  Aside from WWII, which we entered late, and fought away from our home soil; we have either lost or fought to a draw each war we’ve been in, unless of course you’re counting Panama (but I’m not).  Korea remains partitioned, Vietnam was lost, Iraq and Afghanistan are being scuttled.  Our troops leave, with no quantifiable measurement for success.  It seems to me that maybe we were compensating for something else, with the big drills if ya catch my drift.



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