Back, Back, Guess Who’s Back…

Ghandi (Photo credit: id-iom)

Man o man, I feel like I haven’t been on here in like ages!

I just flew in and boy are my arms tired….[chirp]….[chirp]…

I’ve been neglecting you like a redheaded stepchild,

 or an unwanted baby in the bible belt….

it seems my aversion to editing applies to video as much as the printed word, but I should have some doozies that will follow shortly…eventually, someday..(don’t hold your breath)

Anyways, Did ya miss me? You know you did,

But, fear not folks…. Heeeeerrreesss Sammy!!!! (You think I could get Jack Nicholson to play me?  Anybody got a Delorean?

I feel like I have been a busy bee lately, getting my figurative shit together.  It would seem that the ball has bounced back in my favor.  Recently found out the Evil Empire finally approved my consultation with an orthopedic surgeon and I got into grad school at Saint Marys in Moraga.  Not bad for a few weeks work.

Saint Mary's Cemetery
Saint Mary’s Cemetery (Photo credit: Philip Weiss) Or is it a good thing? I could end up with a personal unmarked plot here….Only time will tell

After my teammates came and visited me, I had an epiphany of sorts.

Not only does “when it rains it pours”, always seem to apply; it would seem that my pale ass better bring sunscreen when the sun finally decides to shine.  I think my Facebook status summed it up rather succinctly

Feel like I know what I gotta do, so simple really, clear as day to me….I’m just at one of those moments where the road forks and you can no longer merely talk about whats right and wrong, or spend time arbitrarily separating fact from fiction…. gotta make a choice. And most importantly, I gotta eat it for breakfast, breathe it like it’s an inhaler and I’m an asthmatic. I just gotta live it, every day to the best of my ability. And when I fall short (cause I will at some point) I just gotta pick my ass back up and get smarter…. Just gotta remind myself of the fact that when you look back it’s those moments, those choices that define you as a person.
“Be the change you wish to seek”
Mahatma (mothafuckin) Ghandi
Heres to keepin the happy train on the tracks woot woot….

House of Mirrors

This Takes Some Getting Used To


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