Overheard on CNN.com: Will Obama’s same-sex marriage support help or hurt him?


It really makes me sad to see many of the responses relating to this decision. We all have the right to agree or disagree with the President coming out in favor of gay marriage, that is the beauty of our system. If you disagree with it, you know who to vote for, the Waffle King himself, Mitt Romney.

What’s not OK is for closed minded and just generally negative people to sit here and drag religion into this political decision; Please, stop me if I’m wrong but, didn’t the people they teach us about in history class come here fleeing religious persecution? Is the right to practice your own religion as you so choose not written into the very fibers of our nation? Even going beyond a discussion of “GOD” being somewhere it has no business being (politics), why are the people who are most vocal about it typically the most racist, sexist, homophobic?…(and usually hypocritical a certain bathroom stall and excessively wide stance come to mind).

Why is religion, which is SUPPOSED to be about bringing people together, in shared worship of a higher being as they can agree on it/him/her right? Why then, is religion spending so much time and energy, not to mention money, on keeping people apart? Didn’t Jesus preach a gospel of love and forgiveness, is that not why you almost have to whisper mention of his name out of reverence? Did he only love straight people?  NEWSFLASH PEOPLE homosexuality has been around since people learned to group together, it actually served as a form population control in some native american societies with people becoming eunuchs so you wouldn’t outgrow your resources. But that was before we said to hell with the being part of the ecosystem thing…(no pun intended). I mean your hero himself had a club full of guys, who then wrote books about him…glowingly almost…like a lover……

Im not saying that its true, but its possible, especially considering the social mores of the time period in question.  But that must be out of the question, because it just wouldn’t jive with the message they’ve twisted from him, right? if Jesus is basically a deity to religious people, being the son of god and all, or whatever it is they believe;  how would he feel about his name being used in vain? I’m pretty sure that the peace-loving, sin forgiving, cross bearing J man himself wouldn’t really appreciate the whole perverting his message to persecute any given population thing, but I obviously am no expert in that realm; religion; I don’t have enough HATE to apparently.

The thing that really ticks me off about the situation is this;
For the most part, chances are that every one of you out there not only knows someone who is gay, but you probably care about them a lot. Maybe its a childhood friend, or a family member; in the case of the most outspoken critics; maybe its you. Why then is it so easy for you to remove their face from this debate for yourself? Why is it ok for you to say that somehow you are better than them or deserve more than them? Because you put your peepee in the whoowho? If that’s the case, I’m sure you could ask most women out there and they’d tell you that you’re probably overestimating your abilities….just a bit…

I know that I have several family members who are gay. Personally, I grew up around it and it was never really that big a deal to me why I had two aunts (meaning my aunt by blood and her partner).  Nor did i question why my uncle never had a girlfriend, or blame him for why he was taken away so early by something so cruel as HIV/AIDS. You want to know why? Because they’re genuinely amazing people and I love them, sure sometimes they may upset me but it’s not because their choice to be with each other or because they’re gay, it’s because they’re family. They will always be my family and honestly Im proud to be related to them. Having said this, how can people justify going against their own family members right to wed their partner legally such as the case of Gingrich or more despicable yet Dick Cheney.  It makes me think either they are the most opposite of Christian or religious in any sense; or they don’t believe the very trash they fan the political flames with.  Which is worse?  I wonder how that Christmas dinner went…


Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.
Dick (emphasis on the DICK) Cheney, Vice President of the United States. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are we truly that miserable of a society that we generally have to fight equality, justice and decency and tear other people down at each chance we get? Are we so unhappy that we would contest this act which should hold no importance to anyone other than the parties involved? Why do the people most appalled by the act of “gayness” spend the most time thinking about it? I think they think about being gay more than gay people do,

now think about that…..

President Obama did something courageous yesterday, nothing really to gain in terms of the electoral politics and everything to lose, yet he did it anyways. It was the right thing to do… On behalf of my family and everyone else who cares about someone who just happens to be gay…


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Editor’s note: This post is part of the Overheard on CNN.com series, a regular feature that examines interesting comments and thought-provoking conversations posted by the community.

President Barack Obama had said he was “evolving” in terms of his position on same-sex marriage, but then he said Wednesday that he in fact supports it. There was plenty of discussion on Tuesday as North Carolina headed to the polls, and the issue continued to gain steam. There are different views on the consequences of such a move. If you have an opinion, share your views via CNN iReport.

Writer Charles Kaiser asserts that Obama has made an important statement.

Gay marriage support: Obama’s most courageous move

We’ve received a number of iReport video responses to this development.

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