Hmmmmmm F%$# it it’s worth a shot.

Starting to think about going a different way with this shindig here, thinking of testing out the video blog waters….   I feel like I am a very animated person regarding things when I get worked up, things definately get lost in translation through the process of transcribing.  Would really appreciate some feedback on this. 


13 thoughts on “Hmmmmmm F%$# it it’s worth a shot.”

  1. for sure all you need is a webcam and maaaybe an 8 dollar mic from wal mart if you wanna be fancy. But you’d be great to listen to I think because of the blunt nature of the content and funny connections you’ll make just thinking on the spot I bet, maybe you should consider the podcast as a format if people still do those… or just go all out and stitch video together from the day and then clips of you telling the story thrown in, I see much potential hilarity in this idea. But if you do that I suggest posting on vimeo, not youtube, people would take you more seriously on vimeo, youtube is just a bunch of troll 15 year olds commenting their frustrations out.


      1. do it man you can create your own network these days with loads of people giving input as long as you have an internet connection and the time and skill necessary to organize your thoughts effectively. And if you do have the skills, time, and technology, hell fucking yeah, do it up. that’s how people like us get ourselves made with no initial connections, by coming up with genius or at least humorous revelations in an original and simple format that people can relate to and appreciate. And then just hope the right people find it and turn it into a fuckin movie haha.


      2. I know how it is man, having a borderline obsession with a topic or hobby or two definitely helps. no one needs to get themselves thousands of dollars in debt just to become intensely knowledgeable on a subject. they just need to if they want one of them job things… or if you’re like me, go to college for two years for something you then realize you weren’t meant for, and then get injured and not be able to work any menial crap job just to pay off your pointless student loan debt you accumulated while you could have been working and making money instead.. life does get annoying doesn’t it


      3. I mean no matter what, I will never look at Cal and my experience there as a waste of time or money. I studied what I loved man, wasn’t ever really doing it for the job or anything it was just what I was most interested in and passionate about. At most I was looking to take that and continue on to get a teaching credential, which is still a possibility.


    1. Yeah, I just got some basic stuff tonight. Kate Potter and Dave Hepfer from my team are here right now and she suggested it. I had been thinkin it for a minute now, but that just sorta solidified it for me. I can get generally hilarious when I get on a good tear too which doesn’t hurt.


    1. Well man I fully congratulate you on that, I was jus talking about me tho, I thought in high school I’d like or at least be good at mechanical engineering, turned out neither was true though I found out what I was made for the next year through americorps… So I give you serious props for not making my mistake in that aspect.. Not many high school kids are that self aware enough to make the right decision at 18 I don’t think


      1. Oh trust me, that wasn’t something that came to me at 18. I screwed around a bit, did the community college thing and then transfered after I got my A.A. it was just kinda the natural course of things, initially I had thought I was going to do something with psychology or with English, but then when I read Howard Zinn and some other authors I realized that I was really more interested in Non-fiction and History and that History is a large part English as well by default. So I guess I kinda felt like I got the best of both worlds.


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