What It Said, What It Meant Redux

No racism Lietuvių: Ne rasizmui
No racism. Apparantly Common sense isn’t really all that common.
This piece was intended for the original poster’s page, but I’m not exactly the most WordPress literate person just yet, [shrug] anyways. You know what they say; “practice, practice, break things in frustration, practice” or something like that. 

Oh man, so glad this popped up,

and not surprised that it was Beneath the Tin Foil Hat, another sane, aware and concerned citizen, sharing it. I am going to have to respectfully spread the love, sharing this zen like moment of clarity with whoever I can. The reverse racism that’s flooded the press lately, especially about the Treyvan Martin case, has made me severely nauseous, with signs of diarrhea on the way. A sensation akin to what I would imagine irritable bowel syndrome feels like… decidedly unpleasant.  Either that or one of the Olson Twins, pre-lunch binge…

        By far the scariest part to me

is for the most part, the ones preaching the most hate, (targeted hate, in the interest of honesty, and accuracy) are also the ones most convinced they aren’t racist.

 No, no, of course not,

you aren’t a bigot, you just use “common sense”, or “gut instinct”, to do your thinkin’.

(You know like Dubuyah (W) that president who was the type of guy you’d have a beer with*).

Generally resulting in a prefabricated, semi regurgitated, neo-aryan reaction to another person who just so happens to be of a race other than their own (entirely by coincidence mind you).  Only difference between them and their more outspoken predecessors like the KKK, is the backbone to at least be blunt about their ignorant beliefs (and by extension, their own ignorance) and ride that pony come hell or high water.  Also there seems to have been a mix up at headquarters about what types of “sheets” were actually being referenced in the monthly newsletter*, regarding “Expectation of Members“.

Bedsheets, sheets of paper, you say po-tA-toe, I say po-ta-toe.  An honest mistake but whose counting?….it could happen to anyone right?  I’m just not so sure that the sheets of hate-laced paper they pollute the internet with will hide their identity nearly as well  at the next cross-burning……( shoulda stuck with cotton homie). See what happens when you let an “uppity” President (who just happens to be black) try to make it so college is accessible to everyone? Shit goes and gets all complicated.

Hmmpffff Homonyms who needs em’, not I, for one.

* side-note: I wonder how many drinkin buddies the former president has had since he left office,..? Hmmmmm....
*additional side-note: monthly newsletter is in fact only published quarterly....I know, I know, [sigh] Ive just learned its just best not to ask...
 All in all, this proves to be A troubling trend indeed. Keep preachin’ the good word Tin Foil Hat Man!


no more hate
no more hate (Photo credit: blakeemrys)

Beneath the Tin Foil Hat

The GOP is always bitching that we liberals are always taking their hate rhetoric out of context. Here’s are a few helpful examples to help us get to the real truth behind their messages 😉

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4 thoughts on “What It Said, What It Meant Redux”

    1. Yeah, I look at it as the type of thing that its sad but true, and I think a lot more people know or are aware of a lot more than they care to let on. They would rather stick with their routine, watch their programs, be about as nationally, locally, and culturally aware as the nightly news allows and just tune out….Yeah, thats a brilliant idea its always easy to ignore responsibility. I quit a job once without having already lined another one up. Didn’t really look for a while and it was a blast, hung out, got fucked up, mad at the world cause I was so “different”. But looking back at that time I see why my family was always pissed at me, didn’t trust me etc. etc. And when the day finally came and I decided to pay the piper, that freewheelin time needs to be explained to future employers, it could potentially hurt you. I feel like in general after all the shit that went down in the 60s where everyone was protesting everything, the media actually covered shit without the “1984” esque Big Brother censorship, people were bonafide citizens en-masse then, and the protests worked, they made sense, they took a beating without provoking. Now were a nation of couch potatoes who would rather act like a 16 year old idiot kid who thought he had it all figured out and live our lives through escapism in denial. Not me man, not me. Ill never again say I got it all figured out or that I am right or that anyone else is wrong. Everyone thinks they’re right and nobody thinks they’re wrong. truth is were all right and were all wrong, we just need to stop being stupid and ignoring things that sit directly in front of us.


    1. Yeah, we spend so much time fighting each other over the trivial we fail to see that we’re being robbed blind the entire time. We squabble over “Democratic” or “Republican” ideals, when in reality they’re nothing but table scraps,tossed to us by the same controlling interests, or political “party”, power players, call them what you will, who have been calling the shots pretty much since the beginning. The moneyed elite, the plantation owners, or masters of industry a group all the constitution framers where a member of. Judging solely upon the basic fact that they were literate had more money than most and in some cases were given a complete classical education, including studying abroad. These people and their offspring and the offspring of their offspring continue to accumulate and concentrate wealth and the access to power that it controls, in a way we cant fathom. We may think that we have some idea, but Im willing to bet the farm that were nowhere close with even our most outrageous estimates. We allow Congress to collect something like a $200,000 a year salary, including all the comps like gas, or meals etc. while most americans are out there struggling every day just to make ends meat. This is a generation that barring a silicon valley-esque boom in production or industry, fuck, anything, that may very well leave their children in a worse position than their own parents left them. Public Universities which used to be open to all who could handle the workload or demonstrate some sort of academic proficiency are now closed to otherwise competent individuals on a purely financial basis. I can’t speak for you or for anyone else but that fact and the skyrocketing costs of health care which is only getting worse, while the governemnt is too chickenshit to go in there and regulate. By no means am I advocating that we do away with “Obama-Care” fuck at least he got something on there, sure the partisan politics of the age made sure it was watered down like a dive bars whiskey, but he did it. Now lets work to make it better, not spend the entire 2 years that the Republican Party has had the House Majority attempting to undo what was legitimately legislated before them. Whats next, oh I’ll tell you whats next cause they’ve been eyeing it ever since they tied their banner to it and its ROE v Wade, but after that? Are they gonna spend another term of congress attempting to do away with the civil rights act? Where do you draw the line? Personally Im in favor of some FDR extreme, pseudo-fascist measures in the medical cost area. Reel them in a little bit to serve as a reminder about who their daddy really is and why it is they practice medicine or produce pharmaceuticals-or at least what the motivation should be, (helping people) and exactly who it is that pays for those subsidies which fund their research, that they turn around and charge the American Public to use. We’re never going to see that kind of unification behind a head of state again. Johnson and every president since him has created a huge disconnect between the what the government says and what people believe, scandal, after scandal, after scandal, followed by questionable tactics against ITS OWN CITIZENS, and then more scandals. Each time attempted to cover up treating the people it is entrusting with making democracy work as if they were stupid….OOOOOOHHHHH MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL. Sorry, I could vent all day on the absurdity of this thing we call democracy and the reality behind whose interests are always being served.


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