Breaking News Regarding Treyvan Martin Case.

Recent Developments: Now Its A Slam Dunk Case!, Or Am I Wrong?

I am borrowing this one from a handsome devil across the web.

I feel like I must be missing something from the whole Treyvan Martin affair.  My “spidey-sense” has kicked in making me aware to the fact something isn’t right here.  Lately it feels like the media has been asking the wrong questions  Im sure that the latest news from ABC-7 ( ) is going to bolster the spirits of people in the Zimmerman camp.  Apparently there now exists video evidence showing that he had some sort of markings on the back of his head.My response to that….SO EFFIN WHAT.

His face could be so overly swollen colored black and blue to the point of being painful to me, it doesn’t matter.  The fact that he suffered minor injuries during the course of an altercation which he had every opportunity to avoid, if he so desired due to a reasonable fear for his safety.  In fact, the operator on his call to police explicitly told him to do so, to stay in his car and leave the rest to police.  Instead, he continued to follow Martin, further escalating the situation to a point where it could reasonably be inferred that a confrontation could ensue.  A possibility he had already planned for by bringing a gun, just in case. Whether Martin struck him or not is inconsiquential.  It doesn’t matter.

How can you claim self-defense and play the victim when you took a role upon yourself which you had no qualifications for; when you, followed and pursued him.  Treyvan did not pursue and harass you Zimmerman, it was the other way around. What I would like to know is; at what point does Treyvan Martin’s right to self defense come into question?  Or how long would it take you, the reader, to strike out at an unknown man (who outweighs you and is much older than you) as he follows you without your consent?  Me personally, I dont think that it would have took too long.  At some point I would have had to stand my ground.


6 thoughts on “Breaking News Regarding Treyvan Martin Case.”

  1. Wow! My sentiments exactly!!!! It’s a shame the media don’t/won’t focus more on the 911 call more where Zimmerman stated he was following Treyvan. Who wouldn’t be intimidated and fight for their life if they’re being followed? How can Zimmerman become the victim when he clearly coerced this boy? I think it has become acceptable in our society for people to fear black males, but never looking at the perception from the black male, who probably lives in fear of degradation and death everyday everywhere he goes. This was not self defense, but premeditated (1st degree) murder!


    1. I certainly agree with you on that point. It’s just so easy to box ourselves into our own little world, our own little view, without realizing that there is an entirely different side to it as well. I just hate the whole blame the victim nonsense that is going on right now. So what if Treyvan struck out at Zimmerman. The only way that serves as any sort of validity to Zimmerman’s claim is if he was in his own home just minding his own business which he wasn’t. You do the crime you serve the time. Maybe it was an accident and he didn’t necessarily mean to KILL him, I don’t know….He should still be held accountable for the life he took.


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