Sometimes the TRUTH HURTS

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The dirty war on WikiLeaks | Digg Worldnews.

Being a history major at heart, and one who focused on the 20th century United States at that, this troubles me.  It serves as  a strikingly clear example that our society is indeed   [drumroll please]………

 ass backwards.

It is only evidence that we as a society are incapable of learning from past mistakes.  Instead we choose to continue making the same ones.  OVER and OVER again.  This event right here, bullying and smearing anything and anyone who publicly says anything against us, regardless of truth, is a tactic the government uses more than most coaches do “trick plays”.  The plays effectiveness “kindasorta lightweighthardcore” depends upon its catching the opponents off guard.  Faking the field goal doesnt work so well on first down guys…. I don’t know what worries me more, that the government continues to use this as an acceptable tactic to deal with its dirty laundry, that we let them, or that it works…. Each of which could stand alone as cause for  concern.

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The United States government has unashamed done things of this nature to organizations and people throughout history, especially during times of “conflict” or characterized by high levels fo tension.  The target is usually someone of prominence either within the organization or the media.  Quite often they head an organization which casts the United States government in a less than flattering light.  These hypocritical actions at the hands of the government flagrantly trample the civil rights they so ardently claim to uphold.  There are several works in publication which document in some detail government repression of radical organizations.  One of those books is Ward Churchill‘s book Agents of Repression, chronicles the systematic sabotage of groups such as the Black Panther Party or the American Indian Movement (AIM).  At this very moment Leonard Peltier, a member of AIM, sits on death row for a crime it has since come to light that he didn’t commit, evidence exists that it was impossible.  There are many examples of the government and the FBI in particular exerting too much force, needlessly further escalating a situation.  I mean our governement went in with guns blazing  in the middle of the night while Fred Hampton slept with his pregnant fiance.

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(The murder of Fred Hampton, Pine Ridge, and Waco pop into my mind).  I should expect that the Justice Department will hold on to Assange for as long as possible without charging him, then hand him off and stall in general because its advantageous for Assange to be in jail spending his money on court costs instead of leaking more embarrassing documents from a “transparent” government.

Pffft “transparency”, what a joke……

the only thing resembling transparency comes from their mouth’s which spew ephemeral words of no value.

From the Vietnam War era through the present there has been a major scandal involving the government in every administration.  And to make matters worse, always, always, always, the first reaction is to cover it up.  Just deny everything and it will go away.  And every single time it blows up in their face.  You would think that they would learn from their predecessors and just sack up and own it.  It’s never the act itself that does the REAL damage.  It’s the lying, like we, “society” as a  whole are mentally deficient.  Talk about a breach of trust and confidence.  Factor in the lack of concrete, objective and fair reporting of any sort on pretty much any station radio or television and the stagnant partisan culture of Washington these days and its no big mystery why people are beginning to take to the streets in protest.  Or turning to the internet which narrowly escaped government regulation in order to get their message out a la #occupy

On the opposite side of that spectrum are the people who see no point i taking any part whatsoever in the political process.  “Why bother?” they say.  It’s not like my vote matters…and maybe they’re right to some degree.  Especially with the way things are during our time.  While they vote may not matter the voice does.  If you don’t tell people what you need, what you expect, or what you desire then you can’t get mad when for some strange reason they don’t deliver.  Or you can’t complain about that measure that didn’t pass, when you “passed” on the civic duty thing.  Unfortunately, its my personal belief that the population is composed of  this group for the most part.  I’m truly hoping that people will prove me wrong.

Our government will continue is pathological trend, that punk kid.  Going on about its business and ignoring any data, report, or statistic which challenges its predetermined inflexible stance on a situation which may need rubber band like elasticity.  Again guilty of learning all the WRONG messages from Vietnam.  I guess my point is that they will ALWAYS be that punk kid until someone knocks em’ on their ass.  The government will always be a pathological liar unless we force them to take ownership, catch and draw attention to their inaccuracies.  If we don’t let the government know that we wont stand for innocent people sitting on Death Row, or being held indefinitely while being charged with nothing that is where Leonard Peltier and Julian Assange will remain.If we don’t use and cultivate that voice of ours and let our elected representatives know that  then our goose is really cooked.  America and its inhabitants need to take a healthy dose of responsibility and stop hiding from shit its impossible to hide from.



6 thoughts on “Sometimes the TRUTH HURTS”

  1. we’re facing the same idea here in canada – google robocalls. the current majority government ‘actually’ had someone who called voters to give them wrong directions and information on where polling stations were. Clear violation of our country’s democratic rights.


    1. Yeah, Unfortunately it seems to be an epidemic. I think its something ingrained in the nature of power. People are always going to do what we let them. Thats why its up to the individual to ensure that we are making smart decisions regarding who we put into positions of power.


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