Keep the CHANGE ya’ Filthy Animal

What happened to the change we were promised?  That new direction for America, repairing our credibility amongst the “world population” that was so terribly tarnished?  What happened to working to end the partisan gridlock that has become our reality, prompting the disaffection and the cry for CHANGE?

I understand that theres only so much that one man can do, that he inherited a mess far beyond a quick fix’s reach.  Or that members of Congress (in both parties) are behaving like children, uninviting each other from their birthdays.  But I had such high hopes for you Barry….


You rode in with such momentum, the first African American president! Such a milestone!

Especially to someone like me who grew up feeling guilty for the sins of another. Who studied and enjoyed the history of social movements, the incubation of change

lasting, legitimate, change.  I thought you’d finish his legacy.  Or that we would see large liberal gains.  Huge grassroots support, trying to get the communities involved in themselves, in each other, in AMERICA…  But like I said, theres really only so much that one man can do.  I’m sure the desire to create change was there.  But the demands and the “responsibility” of the presidency were too powerful to overcome.  A magnet whose force exerts a constant pull growing stronger with time.  Hard to go against the grain when deception, and malice are built into the very framework of the system.  Fostering a culture of liars and thieves.  Not man enough to “sack up” and accept responsibility when the shit hits the fan.  A different sales pitch for every demographic, so many angles theyre walkin into walls.

 A house of mirrors, reality so distorted theres no alternative but to carry on pretending, in an attempt to maintain the deception.

 I think perhaps the time has come when the government will have to answer for its misdeeds.

 The sheer scope of the “Occupy”  leads one to believe that,

the lack of unifying claim or demand should worry them….

Everyone was unified only in their lack of patience for the same old games, the stalemates in Congress, Hyperbole in elections.

Promises unfulfilled….

Dishonesty and incompotence in its barest and most plain form for all to see.

Its usually in the second term that the administration really gets their way.   Nothing to lose.  I just wonder if you’ll have enough left in the tank to resist. To do the right thing, even if it may be unpopular, or politically imprudent.

I think not….

the whole institution is flawed.  Our government is fat and bloated, but wont admit to its Hostess addiction.

Possibly setting itself up to be able to argue the “twinkie defense”.

 Citizens United

 Wal-Mart or McDonalds is the same as you and me.  Flesh and blood living breathing fighting…or no..

….it makes sense right……?

I no longer have any faith in an institution that I have come to respect less and less the more Ive learned.


for power, for wealth, knows no bounds, no limits known to the human nature.

I thought you were different Barry,

that you would ride that wave into the next “100 days” providing us with a dose of alphabet soup.

to cure our hunger for something of substance.  To stick to our ribs.

Instead you’ve lost that momentum, “the moment” your balance?

 crushed by that wave, flushed with the rest of the fluids, bodily or otherwise.

your victory or loss is of little consequence.

Im just looking forward to seeing Ronald McDonald at the polls.  I wonder what hes registered as….

(D)? (R)?  Its the same party, same shit, different day

well at least they only get one vote, right?

 Just one vote……

worth the same as yours or mine….


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