Politicians Won’t Return Ponzi Payoffs | Truthout

Politicians Won’t Return Ponzi Payoffs | Truthout.

Another Chip in the Armor
Im just waiting for the whole thing to blow, like tempered glass hit in just the right place.  Leaving a blast radius, trailing blood and carnage like a comets tail in its wake.  The funhouse of mirrors was never meant to last.  At some point you need to exit, other people wanna enjoy the ride too.  I guess it went by too fast.  These politicians are worse than the homeless people beggin me for money outside my work.  Seriously attempting to legitimize their actions, their deeds, their crooked ass profession, their entire existence.  At least I know the homeless dude is gonna go get “smashed”, use drugs in an attempt to make it all go away.    Escapism at its basest form which brings me to my next point.


we could definately use more of that. I’d rather vote for the homeless dude than the guy tryina convince me hes about to pull a rabbit out the hat….


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