Racism in Police Goes Further Than You Think

From International Business Times: Racism In US: White Supremacists Infiltrating Law Enforcement, FBI Investigation Reveals BY CHRIS RIOTTA A groundbreaking report on classified FBI documents reveal the federal agency has quietly investigated U.S. law enforcement links to white supremacy and racism in America. The documents published Tuesday by The Intercept show President Donald Trump “has inherited […]

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Has your intuition ever saved your life?

My answer to Has your intuition ever saved your life?

Answer by Samuel Cooper:

In short, yes, more times than once, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I honestly feel like my intuition is the only reason that I’n alive today, and it’s a belief that is still being reinforced by my present circumstances, which include never using my mirrors to merge and other silky things of that nature as well as more than my fair share of close calls and narrow misses.

I’ll just give you what has to be, by all accounts THE one, the one without which none would have been possible and none can compare to either. probably the most glaring example of this happening to me, which is undoubtedly the time a detached garage fell on me and I ended up without a scratch on me, got my 15 minutes of fame too, made the Chicago Tribune and the Governor of Iowa personally called me, which I missed, naturally, only to have his staffer have absolutely no idea who the hell I was when I called back to say thanks for the concern and/or sentiment, but I was just fine.


We’ve just had our full month of training which is supposed to prepare us to take on numerous and varied projects with our teams for the next 9 months or so at this point. It’s November, all the teams are getting ready to take off for their first Spike (project). As part of the program requirements, which included 1700 hours of community service, which is typically met through the course of your teams projects and then some by all of your projects, we needed to do an additional 80 hours minimum of independent service, meaning it couldn’t be with our project sponsor, which is basically who your team gets whored out to for cheap labor and other menial duties. If you wanted to ramp it up a notch and be an over-achiever, the presidential service award was just 20 additional hours on top of the 80, and you had to personally have set up at least one of the opportunities as opposed to piggy-backing off other people the whole time.

The weekend prior, I had knocked out at least 6 hours cleaning up some flood damaged church that served as a community center in Cedar Rapids Iowa. The sponsor for that project mentioned having an additional 8 hour job lined up for the next weekend. I said to myself, Sammy-boy, what this right here strikes me as, is a perfect opportunity to take care of some hours, as well as that requirement, so I jumped on it, and signed a bunch of poor unsuspecting saps (as in another AmeriCorps team) up to help me out on it as well, since my team was feeling rather cat like and preferred the idea of lounging in their PJ’s back on campus.

We get there, and the sponsor goes over the game plan for taking down the detached garage. Mind you none of us have any real construction or demolition experience, or common sense for that matter, but more on that later. The plan was as such, we go inside, knock panelling out, then come outside, and knock out every other support beam, got it, roger that, check….seems sound enough, seems like legit work, like things will be easy peezy, time to get busy.

This should even prove to serve as a pretty sweet hangover cure, since I, and everyone else I brought along with me, had gone out the night before, along with everyone else on campus seeing as how it would be the last weekend everyone was together for a while before going off on their team’s projects.

We were making really good time, a little too good. I can remember thinking to myself at one point, “8 hours? There’s no way this project is going to take 8 hours, it seems like we’re almost done and I don’t think its even been a full hour yet”. By this point it was just me and my boy Del still doing demo work inside. Everyone else had shifted more to cleaning up the wreckage we left for them, and there was a lot of it, let me tell ya;

(I later learned this was in large part because they had an uneasy feeling about the general safety of what we were doing (that might have been a good thing to have learned about at the time, but hindsights 20/20).

There we were just me and Delmar, demo tools in hand, getting out some latent aggression, the girls are busy squirreling away the rubble left by our exhibition of sheer destructive capability, the project sponsor is busy doing something off to the side in between the house proper, and the garage we were working on, though I was too occupied to really see or care what. That’s when we heard it.

The oh shit moment.

The structure spoke to us with a loud, audible groan which said to us, “get the fuck out” in no uncertain terms. It’s amazing how much can be communicated between two individuals with nothing more than a look, which is all it took for us to make sure we heard what we thought we had heard, acknowledge the fucked nature of the situation we now found ourselves in, and that the other one at least knew about it and wouldn’t be caught totally unawares. All of which transpired in no more than a moment, and even that was pushing it.

Del was closer to the garage door/entrance which I saw him dive out of a near miss inches away from having lower half be crushed as the structure came down right behind him, I rested assured in the fact that at least he made it out of it, now to focus on myself. I turned to the side I was closest too, but it wasn’t going to work, it was no good, we had been sloppy in our demo work and I’d have had to contort too much in an effort to dodge sporadic pieces of paneling or nails which barred making a clean exit, all while the structure is actively coming right at me.

Now what? I bank right, seeing as I was facing the back end of the structure, and now I’m heading toward the side adjacent to the house itself, building is right behind me, and I mean right behind me, shit’s falling everywhere, I’m actively searching for the best place to make my exit, there is none, I’m out of time I realized as I subconsciously got as small as possible following the negative space provided by the peak of the roof, or the steeple, and actively kissed my ass goodbye. As I’m doing what I can to keep it moving, to stay alive, my hard hat falls off, and all I can remember thinking to myself is “it would”, and “well that’s unfortunate timing, I guess this is it, this is how I go out, death by garage”, as I got as small as humanly possible, said a quick one to sweet baby jesus and kissed my ass goodbye, and then a loud crash, and after that nothing… darkness….and then a ringing in my ears, and then, I heard it, more groaning, only this time, it was human.

But where was it coming from, and who was it, is everyone alright, did anyone get hurt or die? These are the questions racing through my head as I shimmy towards the direction it sounds like it’s coming from. Whoever or whatever it was they sure didn’t sound like they were in too good of shape. Thats when I found the source of the moaning. The site sponsor had been pinned between the detached garage and the house proper and the detached garage had fallen on his lower half pinning him in place with his leg bent at a weird angle and bent behind him and he kept groaning and talking about how tired he was, and I was like oh shit I’ve seen this in the movies this aint lookin good.

Great I can remember thinking to myself, my first project that I go and set up and the sponsor gets killed….that would be my luck. Then it dawned on me, Holy shit, I’m alive as I blinked repeatedly and gave myself the once over assessing myself for damage and looking at my hands as if they were something from another world almost.

Then I made my way over to the sponsor to see what kind of help I could be to his current situation, and grew frustrated when I knew the answer to that question was ‘not much’. Thats when I heard someone yell Sam is that you are you alright, which I replied to in the affirmative with a characteristic “well who else would it be?”(thankfully the experience didn’t dull my wit any), which was met with sighs and sobs of relief because up until the moment I yelled out, they had thought I was dead having just watched the structure, which just moment ago had been standing upright, practically disappear swallowing me whole along with it.

Now that they knew I was alive, there was the whole getting me out from under it, which I wasn’t all that concerned with because more importantly, there was still the whole thing about getting the project sponsor unpinned from what was left of the structure.

I tried to somehow shift the weight of the structure inn order to allow him to unpin himself and all I can remember hearing is him talking about how tired he was, and Jules on of the other people on the project with me that day trying to keep him conscious and alert asking him questions about his family and his children until help arrived, something I’ll never forget for the rest of my life.

By this point I could hear that neighbors had started coming out, someone had alerted the fire department and the authorities and they were on their way. The neighbors and the rest of my group attempted to do a team lift, but it was no use. The waterlogged and weather rotted wood from the structure was way too much for them to even budge.

Once the fire department got there it took them a bit to assess the situation, and they tried several things first but eventually resorted to using some form of pump to lift the structure up enough to be able to pull him out. To do this they wanted to cut me out first despite my pleas for them to just take care of him first, citing something or another about it being a safety hazard for me to still be in there while they were doing what they had to do, so they sawzalled me out the back side.

He was in rough shape overall, with a fractured rib, lacerated spleen, punctured lung and that’s just the internal stuff. His body was beat to shit all around, and I didn’t have a scratch on me, despite my hard hat having abandoned me.

Has your intuition ever saved your life?

What the nobility of policing requires

Really powerful, easily one of the best articulated alternatives I’ve seen from someone associated will law enforcement yet. The best, and the most effective way to kill the noise from the media and from communities crying out against police brutality isn’t to hide behind their thin blue line, it’s the opposite; it’s transparency

Square Cop In A Round World

“We are rightly critical of journalists and members of the public who misrepresent what we do as police officers. Do we not, therefore, owe it to ourselves to be equally critical of fellow police officers, whose actions misrepresent the work we do?”

~Paul Grattan, Jr. One Police Project

This quote is very important in the context of our ongoing national struggle over police and public relationships. We do a lot of talking about how we feel under appreciated or maligned, but what are we doing about cleaning up our own house? I think we owe it to ourselves to do some serious soul-searching about this.

I realize that when we look at policing through our personal lens, we see only a few egregious cases of misconduct splashed across the headlines in any given period of time. We are right that the misconduct numbers are a small number of the thousands…

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Women Across Nation March on Washington:

Go On Girl, Get Down With Yo Bad Self

Damn, I must say there are truly some nasty ass, bold ass, bad ass bitches that walk amongst you, and please believe me when I tell you that’s a compliment and mean it in a good way.   I’m honored to say I marched with a whole lotta them yesterday, in solidarity, putting up a united front, against hatred and petty meanness.

Personally, I did it for the three sisters, five nieces, 2 moms, and more aunts than I could shake a stick at,

(which, they don’t like having done to them…I know, I’m just as surprised as the rest of you about this one too),

whom I call my own, for all my friends, and all my students, present or future, who identify as being a member of the opposite sex.


Every last one of you who partook of yesterdays festivities, of which there’s more than a few of you, an estimated 2.9 million to be exact, or exact*ish, making it the largest protest in United States history…you all deserve to take a bow, or a curtsy, or give yourselves a bit round of applause.  Better yet, pat yourselves on the back and I’ll applaud for you.

Record Breaking Protest

I wonder how that one ranks in the hierarchy of the Donalds neverending pissing contest…Anybody else think maybe he’s compensating for something?

He’s always talking himself and his numbers up, and how he’s the best and blah blah blah, I’ve heard it all before only done better, by someone with an actual personality, that how I got my sham-wow and this piece of shit blender,  so with all disrespect, save it for another late night infomercial alright Donald?

Except, this time, he actually delivered as promised, adding his name did mean something, something big, potentially flirting with greatness.

Let’s Make Shit Great Again

To see that many people come together to make such a statement, so loudly had to be felt by him.  There’s no way he didn’t hear us, didn’t see us, doesn’t fear us.  For once, adding his name was all it took to do something amazing; though I find it more than a little ironic, that the just add trump recipe he keeps mentioning is actually for an anti-Trump and pro women rally, and I hear he’s not too fond of them, and we all know how fond he is of himself.  Jokes on you good sir,….didn’t see that on coming did ya Donald?

It’s gotta sting, more than just a little to know the only thing people are confident in his ability to do is to eventually make a mess of shit.  It’s only a matter of time before he does something dumb, and puts himself, his position, as well as our standing in the eyes of the rest of the world at jeopardy.  We’re already the laughing-stock of the rest of the world, but at least yesterday stands as a beacon, offering hope, though just a glimmer, not all of us have gone off the deep end.

Let Us Break Down These Artificial Walls Which Divide Us:

Seriously though folks, if you were one of the women who put the pussy grabbin, bad hair havin, non diaper changing, duck face makin, sorry excuse for a human on notice, Bravo, well played. [golf clap], judging by their alternative facts routine the next day, I don’t think they were ready for, or expecting all of that.

[golf clap]judging by their alternative facts routine the next day, I don’t think they were ready for, or expecting all of that.

Judging by their alternative facts routine the next day, I don’t think they were ready for, or expecting all’a’dat .

The overall solidarity between movements on the day of the protest, was super encouraging, we need more of that!

We don’t want more walls built up between us, carefully separating the “us”, from the “them”, the “haves”, from the “have nots”, we will not see a return to nativist beliefs, turning our backs on the “American tradition”, which is one disproportionally shaped by people who did not originally call this land their home, I believe they’re called immigrants, no?

We don’t want any more gated communities, exclusive members-only clubs, any more racism, and sexism, and hatred, or private yachts and most importantly, and folks, this is the one of which we should constantly be reminding ourselves, and everyone else of;  For these next 4 years, his ass, works for us, not the other way around and if he doesn’t shape up, it’s going to be yet another example of the universe’s cruel sense of humor (I kinda like it), when the nation says to him, “you’re fired”.

Isn’t it ironic?  Dontcha think?

So hats off to all you bold beautiful bitches out there, and I use that word endearingly…and to all you fellow down ass, forward thinking fellers, Y chromosoners down for the cause, and willing to stand in solidarity; enjoy what was a momentous achievement.  Shit, bask in it, you earned it, though only do so momentarily, for the hard work of changing this world into one that is”more round, less ugly, and more just”, to quote Paulo Friere, begins now, lest we lose this momentum.


Whether You’ll Openly Admit it or Not This Dude Will Be Missed By All

Regardless of whether or not you voted the opposing party into office (no judgment, well not too much anyway, ok, you got me, maybe just a smidge), it’ll be tough to deny the great presence Obama leaves some pretty tough shoes for the President-“elect” to fill right away too.  had that will now be void.  His successor typically tries to fill said void

Just so long as he doesn’t attempt to fill the void left by Obama’s exit and lack of presence with more of his own…his presence is what I’m referring to in this case.  It would just be nice to hear the void be filled with “goodness” and words like honey instead of the vitriol or venom we’ve grown accustomed to him spewing at us.  Nothing more than (white noise I guess you’d call it…though I wouldn’t call it much of anything, late for dinner, a monkey’s uncle, or rumpelstilskin,, nor would I touch you with a 10ft pole.  Something about it’s just, just grimy, trust me.  h

I’m just including his farewell address here because who knows how long it will take Donald Trump to prepare and get ready for me personally, dd

I’m just including his Farewell speech here for my readers, if I still have any at least, because he truly will be missed….and who knows when we’ll see someone class up the office the way that he did.  I’m unwilling to accept that 8 years of progress is now going to go up in smoke as a reign of blatant greed takes over.  I hope my worries are as unfounded as they are unsettling.

Survival of the Fittest or The Softer Side of Me

Note, the following was one of many started but not finished pieces of writing I seem to have accumulated over the years.  I merely finished it recently.  This one I started over one year ago on 12/5/15 and can only guess what it was a response to.

Survival of the Fittest:

I’m not gonna lie, or try fronting.  Today got a little emotional for me.  Out of nowhere, I started to uncontrollably sob, the hysterical kind where after a minute or so, you realize how ridiculous you must look to anyone and everyone else if they could see you at that moment, and that thought makes you laugh, and you spending the remainder of your diva moment alternating uncontrollably between the two, until eventually it just stops out of the blue, for no apparent reason, and with as much advance notice and fanfare as it first came on with, which is none.

Maybe it finally got that snickers bar.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have this nasty habit of never allowing myself to feel proud or to be excited or to admit fear or many of the other basic emotional responses to various environmental stimuli.  I don’t know why I do this, or what it is I’m afraid of to where my instinctual response is to downplay my interest level or to not ever let on just how much something truly means to me, but it must somehow be tied into my survival as all instincts naturally are.  The only thing I do know is it often has the opposite effect in my life, stunting my growth as a person and alienating me from people and situations that I would otherwise stand to benefit from in the long run.

Maybe I’m afraid that by letting on the fact I’m excited about something will in some way influence the universe in delivering it to me or me to it, because there are many times I feel like the universe and fate, (if there even is such a thing), is out to get me.  It’s because those times I do show any outward exuberance towards something all I’m ever left with is a sense of disappointment when it doesn’t measure up, or deliver in the end, which it never does. 

Just Who Do You Think You Are?

After allowing myself to feel dejected for a while, I start to think to myself, who do I think I am to  have the audacity to feel I deserve anything from this world, from this life, from the universe? 

Such Hubris.

I am nothing, and no-one.

Nothing’s guaranteed except THIS very moment you’re currently living in, and even then the only thing you know is that this too will end, though you know not when.  Time is not a linear thing in this regard, all moments were not created equal, some last only an instant and some moments go on for longer like the energizer bunny.   How much of that is dependent on the individual, how much is by design, and how much would have happened the same way irrespective of who it happened to?

I’m not fooling anyone, am I?

What is it that makes me think not letting on about whether there exists a softer side of myself in any way makes me less vulnerable?  A soft underbelly is a soft underbelly, just ask Churchill.  The immobility this fear and these questions leaves me with cripples me, and leaves me paralyzed, at least from the brain down because my mind is constantly racing and working in overdrive, which acts as a counterweight to everything else about me.

The more effort it exerts, the less I’m able to do.   Classic cookie cutter example showing the pitfalls and dangers of overthinking, purely textbook.  In extreme cases, if left untreated, for long enough, a death of sorts is possible, even likely.

A slow and painful death, arduous to reach,  immobilized with fear, laying at the bottom of a kiddie pool slowly being filled with Piranha from the Amazon which would be easy enough for you to escape from if not for being paralyzed from the brain down.  All you would have to do, is stand up, step out, and voilà, crisis averted.

Instead, you just lie there, slowly dying from the inside out, one tiny bite at a time.  I know no physical pain remotely comparable to the psychic pain this causes and I wouldn’t ever wish it on another human being because it’s a pain I’m all too familiar with, having experienced it to some degree for my entire life, or at least as much of it as I can remember.

That’s what I get, for thinking the universe owes me jack diddly shit when it doesn’t, or maybe it does which is why that’s what I get and that’s another thought that terrifies the shit out of me.  What if I’m not nearly so good, or so decent, as I thought I was?

What if the universe has long since moved off of the gold standard, and the dollar, and now paid it’s bills using nothing but Karma?  How fucked would I be, would you be, would we all be? I’d be in debt up to my eyeballs either way and maybe that’s why my life has taken such twists and such turns as to make “move over murphy” become my new mantra?

I’m sure I’m not the only one this change in cosmic currency would affect in such a way either, because the universe, by it’s very name and definition, is universal.

You wanna talk about a global economic crisis; try that shit on for size; then we’ll talk.

Karma, yeah it can be a real motherfucker and it always has a funny way of coming back around and biting you right in the ass when you least suspect it.  But if that truly is the case, by that logic, to have the string of shitty luck I’ve had I must have done something truly horrific.

My whole life I’ve felt singled out, picked on, targeted, taken advantage of, or had shit started with me because for some apparent reason, one I’m unfamiliar with, I look like I make for an easy target or something.  Sometimes I catch myself searching for the sign or the target that must rest right between my shoulder blades and paints a bullseye upon my back when I stretch my arms, which I do often on account of my bad shoulder, to no avail.

Nothings there.

Maybe it’s the fact I don’t feel the need to puff out my chest, mark my territory, inflate my ego, or brag about how I’m the man in bed, in the head, or anywhere else (save work), and that was only because work was more about effort than anything.  If you wanted to get better, you would, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t.  Simple enough concept really, or so I thought.

Maybe it was my general stature which is small, or my demeanor which is and always has been of a much larger variety because I always try to carry myself well through this world (and sometimes I fail at it miserably), because I’ve always believed that while it may not be about the destination, how you undertake the journey matters, the way in which you go about getting there really fucking matters in the end.

In this belief, as with many others, I’m left feeling all alone in sticking to my guns and my morals and in all those things which I believe develop ones character in the long run it always feels like I’m the sole person standing up for myself, or for others in a room full of people sitting down on those things.  The only sane person in a world of insane people…now doesn’t that sound crazy?

At which point do I stop being the sane one? 

But I know I’m not crazy and I feel it in my heart that I’m not wrong either, that a lot of things that go on which people have conditioned themselves to accept are in fact wrong, in such a blatant way, and with such wanton disregard for the very basic principles of human decency that it serves as a damning condemnation of society today and begs the question whether we humans still have any decency left within us.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves, and I say with intentionality because while I may not subscribe to it, there is more that I could be doing to change it as well and therefore my own inaction makes me just as guilty as anyone else.

The only recourse which prevents me from adopting the cold and callous attitude of my immediate surroundings, and not to have already said, “fuck it, I take what comes next”, flipped the switch and turned the lights off for good, which I’ve already tried to do once (though that’s a different story for another time), is to adopt a devil may care attitude, and give off a general aloofness to the happenings of the world, both of which are just as much evolutionary adaptation as they are a conscious choice.

How else could I exist in a world so filled with hate, and with such reckless disregard for the wellbeing of others when I have so much love in my own heart and care more about others than I do myself?    

A major complication this presents me with, is the extremely small number of people I allow to get close enough to see me past a very superficial conception which, on account of my aforementioned defense mechanisms, and natural tendencies is at odds with the real me, and with my true self.

Due to my poor track record with those I have allowed to get close enough to hurt me, this path has now become littered with booby traps and other hazards and one must overcome obstacles which are daunting if nothing else.

Anyone in their right mind would rather have a family picnic in the middle of Korea’s demilitarized zone during the height of the tensions between the North and South, or would prefer an honest answer to the question about whether that dress makes them look fat or not, I know I would.

Needless to say, more often than not, my dinner plans consist of a standing reservation for one followed by light drinks, some quality time with me, myself, and I; maybe even dessert, we’ll see how everyone plays their cards first.

Judging by what I’ve seen from this world, I’m content with that, though sometimes even I get lonely and feel hopeless, and even I can only do that whole me against the world routine, carrying the world’s woes upon my back like Atlas, before I’m eventually forced to either shrug or be crushed under the sheer weight of it all it’s just too much pressure.


Here’s some of my oldies but goodies




Hey there strangers…

Hey, there you!

I have a slight confession to make…

I’ve missed some golden opportunities

Look I’m a little embarrassed in my lackluster performance this past year, I really screwed the pooch and missed out on delivering some solid material on a lot of issues near and dear to my heart such as #BlackLivesMatter, and the general push to de-militarize what has quickly come to resemble an occupying force; being the most glaring example that just jumps right out at me.

I’d also in that same vein, have to say that I missed out on the main events which kicked off the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panthers for Self Defense founding in Oakland California by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton as a direct response to many of these same issues surrounding police tactics and increased presence in communities of color.

It’s so striking to me the many similarities between the Black Panther Party’s mission and that of the #BlackLives movementi from today’s day and age; And I’m not talking they vaguely resemble one another (some real fraternal twin shit), I’m talkin that two peas in a pod, I share your thoughts, and whatever other weird “ness” known only to those who share every last thing in common, including their DNA, you know, the identical variety.  Essentially the issues being raised could have been lifted straight from 50 years ago and plopped down right here in the middle of everything else.

Moving Forward

I’ve got a lot of other really great ideas and nowhere near enough time for me to possibly flesh them all out in as  much depth as I’d like to or that they deserve to be treated with, but giving it an honest go never hurt anyone (at least anyone I can think of) other than ego and pride should we fall flat on our faces, but such is life right?   The act of simply showing up and trying is more than most do on a daily basis, and those unwilling to leave it all on the table and risk overextending and belly flopping aren’t trying hard enough,  period. So they should zip it as far as I’m concerned, there’s no room for idle talk.

I almost forgot to mention

Last but certainly not least, I should explain why it is I have so little time and availability with which to maintain this thing… Your boy made moves, of the epic life altering variety and let me tell you the struggle has been real.

I know I had allueded to wanting to pursue the profession I had known I wanted to do a long time ago, I jsut decided to take a year off of school in order to work full-time, get out of my dad’s place he was kind enough to let me live in, just not very peacefully, or without any sort of tension.

Well, it took a while, and things got off to a rather rocky start, but I finally shook them damn cobwebs off; I’ve taken and passed both the CBEST and all three subsections of the CSET for Social Science, a lot of which, such as Economics I had to either do a major refresh or teach myself entirely from scratch.  It was a lot, and I do mean a lot of hard work, and it’s not nearly done yet, not by a long shot.  In fact, this party’s just barely getting started.

In order to do justice to this most priveledged of professions with so much potential to affect our youth, and one I have such deep respect for, I had to really give it my all, and be committed, and let me tell you, I gave up everything to ride this one out until the wheels come off.  I’m in it to win it.

I guess I should start with…THANKS

And I definitely need to give thanks to all those I’ve encountered who’ve also heard its calling, especially those who had the grave misfortune of having me as one of their students, because they helped shape me into the person I am today, gave me their unwavering belief and support along the years, and having given me a love for learning that’s given me so many gifts in such a short timeframe that I will forever be indebted to them.

If that’s not enough, they did it in a way that not only let me be me, and do things in my own way, but actively encouraged the process of finding those things in the first place despite some of my poorer choices along lifes continous pathway of trial and error.

And let’s just say, mines had more than it’s fair share of errors along the way, but my decision to pick this dream up, dust if off, and bring it out of deferrment will never be one of them.

It’s the first thing I’ve done in my life that just felt right, which begs the question, “what took you so long?”, and while I may not be able to ever truly answer that fully, in a way that does the question, or my path up to this point any degree of justice, what I can, and will do, is respond in such a way that makes up for lost time, and says “I have arrived”.

Stay tuned, cuz baby, you aint seen nothin yet!



Police Rethink Long Tradition on Using Force – The New York Times

A small but vocal number of law enforcement officials are calling for a rethinking of axioms that have emphasized how to use force, not how to avoid it.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.nytimes.com

Better late than never I say, but then again I’ve always been of the mind that if you need to use force to exercise your “authority” within a community, you probably have no business being there doing what you’re doing in the first place.  

Only someone with the trust and the respect of a community will ever have any true authority to enforce justice, with an emphasis on its justness and a lot of that stems from the fact that they have a stake in it in some way and are somehow already a part of that community. 

See on Scoop.itMaking a Difference

Just a regular guy searching for the meaning of it all.

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